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Diamond Days trailer posted to YouTube

The trailer for Diamond Days was posted to the app along with the free weekend, but now it’s available for viewing on Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel.

Official teaser for the Steven Universe movie

Yes, with all of the hype about Legs From Here to Homeworld finally starting to die down, it’s time to talk about another big information drop from SDCC: Steven Universe will be getting a TV movie!

Based off of the official teaser Cartoon Network revealed at the convention and has since posted online, which heavily features …

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New promo for Heart of the Crystal Gems

While the promo we got last week was certainly intriguing (enough to do a podcast episode about it!), it certainly wasn’t as… Spicy as the commercial that is now running on Cartoon Network. Please hit that Continue Reading button if you’d like to see it (it’s one of those times where even the thumbnail contains …

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Advanced spoilers and you

Yesterday at about five o’clock Eastern time Cartoon Network posted a video. Featuring Ms. Sugar and Mr. Jones-Quartey, it was a short two-minutes-and-change podcast episode about cartooning with added video of the speakers and some background footage of their respective cartoons.

As you no doubt are either already aware or have already guessed, some of …

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Episode titles for the May 7 two-parter

Someone checking Cartoon Network’s old schedule system has brought us some interesting news: we now have episode titles for the two-parter that will be airing at 7:30 PM on May 7. It will be two separate episodes:

A Single Pale Rose Can’t Go Back

Season four to reach Hulu on December 11

According to Entertainment Weekly, season four of Steven Universe will reach Hulu on December 11.

This will bring the series up to I Am My Mom, meaning that anyone watching their Steven Universe re-runs on Hulu won’t be missing very many episodes.

A sad day: Most of the soundtrack is to be removed from the Soundcloud account

Yesterday Aivi broke the news: when the soundtrack goes up for sale, we’ll be losing most of the Steven Universe tracks from Aivi and Surasshu’s Soundcloud account. This unfortunately includes the large majority of the instrumental tracks though they are still not for sale.

Despite that, have heart! What is being released was labeled as volume one and …

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New Steven Bomb episodes to be available on the Cartoon Network app on May 5

For those who haven’t heard, all of the episodes from the upcoming bomb will be made available on the Cartoon Network app and on the video section on Friday, May 5, 2017. If your cable provider is on their list, you will be able to log in and watch the episodes early!

Season three of Steven Universe arrives on Hulu

With little fanfare, it seems, season three of Steven Universe has finally been put up on Hulu, available to subscribers. That brings Hulu up to having the first 102 episodes of the series (yeah, Hulu apparently counts weird).

Still, it’s a lot of Steven to watch, going all the way up to Bubbled.

Surprise! It was intentional after all

Polygon has the full story, but chances are good you already know the gist of it: on the evening of January 2, one calendar month before the next Steven Bomb was scheduled to have finished airing (and one day after Cartoon Network reminded us all that full episodes are available on their app), all five …

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