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Official soundtrack to be released on June 2, 2017

Cartoon Network has finally heard one of our many cries: on June 2, we’ll be getting an official soundtrack release of some kind. This comes a day after they tweeted out a poll asking if people wanted one. (Obviously we were getting one anyway, but we appreciate their use of hype.)

We still don’t have …

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Season three of Steven Universe arrives on Hulu

With little fanfare, it seems, season three of Steven Universe has finally been put up on Hulu, available to subscribers. That brings Hulu up to having the first 102 episodes of the series (yeah, Hulu apparently counts weird).

Still, it’s a lot of Steven to watch, going all the way up to Bubbled.

New Steven Universe game: Save the Light

The first Steven Universe mobile game, Attack the Light, is getting a sequel, and this time it will be on consoles! Save the Light was just announced by developers Grumpface Studios and appears to sport some pretty nifty stuff.

You’ll be able to customize your party this time around, and you won’t be limited to …

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Surprise! It was intentional after all

Polygon has the full story, but chances are good you already know the gist of it: on the evening of January 2, one calendar month before the next Steven Bomb was scheduled to have finished airing (and one day after Cartoon Network reminded us all that full episodes are available on their app), all five …

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Cartoon Network titles, including Steven Universe, now available on-demand on Sling TV

Customers of Sling TV will find a new option when viewing Cartoon Network: episodes of a whole lot of shows are now available to watch at any time. These episodes should rotate around roughly every week; currently ten Steven Universe episodes are available for viewing on demand:

Space Race Historical Friction Too Far Restaurant Wars …

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Steven Universe to get new ongoing comic series

Steven Universe’s first comic series by Boom may be over, but starting in February we’ll have a brand new comic series to read! According to Den of Geek, the new series will be set far enough along in the TV series continuity for Lapis and Peridot to be living together in the barn; it will …

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Steven Universe minisodes volume two published

A few days ago, five Steven Universe minisodes were released on iTunes with no acclaim. The five minisodes together make up a single episode of season four, much like season two contained its five shorts. You can find them for sale on iTunes. You can also expect there to be a podcast episode about them shortly, …

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Steven Universe special comic to release in December 2016

Okay, it’s been a little while since new Steven Universe comics have come out, but Boom! has the goods for us this December. According to their December 2016 solicitations, we’ll be getting a forty-page special comic focusing on Beach City and its residents.

It will cost you eight dollars when it comes out in December, …

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New Funko figures coming on October: Pint Size Heroes

Funko is starting a new line of vinyl figures, Pint Size Heroes, and Steven Universe will be one of the properties getting a box of figures in the first wave. They appear to be similar to the mystery minis in size (they are 1.5″ tall), and like the mystery minis you won’t know what figure …

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New mobile game: Soundtrack Attack is out

There’s another Steven Universe game out for mobile devices, and this one’s launching with a price tag of “Free”. The Crewniverse has sent out the links, so you can find it on iOS or Android.

Soundtrack Attack is a rhythm game, where you tap the left or right of the screen at the right time to score points, …

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