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Immediate reaction to Lion 3: Straight to Video

We wanted characterization, and I think we got a lot of it. If you’re a lore aficionado then you should be very pleased by the episode. We didn’t learn enough to really edit the Backstory page, and the concrete lore we’ve learned is also rather low, but this week we’ve got a lot of fodder …

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What we learned from Watermelon Steven

It always feels good to sink our teeth into a juicy lore episode. Hands grasping the firm grounding of a mix of magic and mundanity, we revel in the delightful sweetness of new findings and the seeds of future episodes contained within.

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Immediate reaction to Watermelon Steven

A first reaction? It would be an over-statement to say “lore bomb”, but this one had a fair bit. We already saw in the preview a pretty blatant bit of exposition, but not only is it paid off in full later in the episode but they slip in a few more bits of lore without calling …

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What might Garnet’s Universe have taught us?

We certainly saw a more caring side of Garnet in Garnet’s Universe. We also learned that Steven has a very large set of cartoons to draw inspiration from when constructing Garnet’s imaginary adventures, but as far as real lore we’re left looking.

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Immediate reaction to Garnet’s Universe

While there’s a bit of difference between what we asked for and what we got, we’re still feeling fulfilled by the way Garnet’s Universe ended.

What we’re not so excited to see is that Steven seems to have drawn more from his knowledge of Dragonball than of Garnet when telling his tale. Garnet is still as …

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What we learned from Fusion Cuisine

Given its name, you can’t be surprised that Fusion Cuisine gave us a bit of information about gem fusions to chew on—that should be no spoiler at all. It was definitely a novel kind of fusion, and it seems to have novel effects to go along with it. Opal and Sugilite gave us one set of expectations, …

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Immediate reaction to Fusion Cuisine

Right about the motives for the Crystal Gems to fuse? You bet we were!

We may not have gotten to see them in the actual act of fusing, but boy was Alexandrite’s behavior interesting. She doesn’t quite fit in with how Opal and Sugilite acted, so yet again we’re waiting for the series to progress more …

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What we learned from Keep Beach City Weird!

We’ve always felt like we were cut from the same cloth as Ronaldo. Keep Beach City Weird! was a particularly close look at the difficulties involved in our work: tomorrow’s speculation post will be meatier, but let’s take a look at the facts we’ll be working with.

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Immediate reaction to Keep Beach City Weird!

We definitely feel a deep, deep kinship with Ronaldo. Maybe we should open up a fry shop.

This episode… Oh, this episode. Ronaldo may be barking up the wrong tree, but we feel like we are on the cusp of a big breakthrough!

As is appropriate for a conspiracy episode, Keep Beach City Weird! has provided an …

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What we learned from Island Adventure

The scenery in Island Adventure was fantastic, as was the interaction between the characters. What did we learn about Gems, though?

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