What we learned from Keep Beach City Weird!

We’ve always felt like we were cut from the same cloth as Ronaldo. Keep Beach City Weird! was a particularly close look at the difficulties involved in our work: tomorrow’s speculation post will be meatier, but let’s take a look at the facts we’ll be working with.


Steven Universe is a show that loves its foreshadowing. In Gem Glow for instance, you could see Connie’s bracelet in the freezer, well before it was actually used in Bubble Buddies. We also got an early look at the Purple Puma in Cat Fingers, three episodes before he appeared in Tiger Millionaire.

This will keep coming up, but many people have pointed out that the Cookie Cat theme song from Gem Glow could also be a long-term foreshadowing of the Crystal Gems’ backstory, at least in broad strokes. It’s already been confirmed that they’re from another planet (or planets), but it might be a while before we find out of the Cookie Cat theme is a reference to the Crystal Gems and if so how closely their history follows it.

It’s possible that the theory about sentient polymorphic rocks and the Diamond Authority that Ronaldo came up with at the end of the episode is all a bunch of crazy talk, just like his previous obsession with snake people. It’s also possible that the viewers are being prepared, through Ronaldo, for more revelations about the Gems later in the series.

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Just based on the end of Ocean Gem and the beginning of Space Race, it’s a near-certainty that we’ll be seeing Gems who are hostile to the Crystal Gems by the time the season is done—likely in a two-part episode at the very end. We’ve already gathered, in our page on the Gem Backstory, that at some point the Crystal Gems stopped other Gems from doing something catastrophic to the Earth.

Ronaldo may be wrong about the polymorphic sentient rocks (sound like anyone we know?) wanting to hollow out the Earth (to lighten it so they can move it to their home system and use humans as slaves), but it’s also true that hollowing out the Earth would remove our magnetosphere, allowing the solar wind to strip away the atmosphere that allows life on Earth to breathe. Whether he’s right or not, that would definitely count as something catastrophic.

Plus, he’s focused on the Diamond Authority being behind the polymorphic sentient rocks. We’ve already identified the rhombus, what would often be called a diamond, as likely being a main symbol of affiliation among Gems. Perhaps when we see more Gems coming to Earth they will likewise wear the rhombus (though that will still leave us wondering about the faction that wore the triangle).