Category: Lore Implications

Immediate reaction to On the Run

This one got some huge lore and characterization for us. This is definitely another Big Deal episode, and while we’ve been getting and will continue to get a lot of those, we think this one deserves special note for finally answering at least one huge question that had been hanging over the entire series.

Plus we …

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Decoding Garnet’s future vision

Tomorrow we have… Well, a bit of speculating to do. Today is about the hard stuff, though: what we know. We don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that Future Vision answered some questions about Garnet’s precognitive powers, so it’s time to take those answers and examine the implications more closely.

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Immediate reaction to Future Vision

Future Vision certainly didn’t disappoint when it comes to how Garnet’s perception of the future works. We should certainly be able to tease out a fair bit about it. Look forward to it on Saturday! Then the Speculating can start on Sunday. 🙂

What we learned from The Test

The Test was kind of an important episode for us. The first test was taken at the site’s namesake, after all! The preview was enough to make it clear that there was no funny business involved with the lunar sea spire, though alas a magical resurrection doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

As for the …

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Immediate reaction to The Test

This is definitely a good episode to watch unspoiled. Its point is wonderful, and it’s not a bad idea to make sure you see it fresh the first time.

We’ll have to mull for a while whether we want to call what we’re thinking of more concrete lore or more speculation, but this episode has …

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What we learned from Alone Together

It shouldn’t be a spoiler to say that Alone Together delivered on its promise to enlighten us about fusions. Though if you haven’t seen the episode yet and have managed to avoid spoilers, we’re very impressed with you.

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Immediate reaction to Alone Together

Well that was definitely something else. We think we might just have a better idea about how fusions work. This will, in turn, make more sense of Alexandrite’s apparent difference from Opal and Sugilite. The additional fusion dances we were able to see also added some more evidence to a theory about how Gems relate to …

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What we learned from Warp Tour

A picture of Peridot in the episode "Warp Tour".

If you haven’t seen Warp Tour, then watch it. We mean it. This is a Big Deal episode, and you owe it to yourself to see it before you start reading about it. You’ll thank us later.

But if you have seen it already, you’re probably ready to geek out over it. In that case: read …

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Immediate reaction to Warp Tour

Someone please send help: we think our heart just stopped.

The whole point of the immediate reaction posts is to shy away from spoilers, but this time we’re having a super-difficult time restraining ourselves. Suffice to say that, again, the hype is real. This episode definitely qualifies for “lore bomb” status, and we’re going to …

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What we learned from Lion 3: Straight to Video

This was definitely a lore episode, or at least one that made sure to give us a hefty package of it. It wasn’t overburdened though: like the other good lore episodes, Lion 3: Straight to Video is going to make us work for our understanding of the series, and we probably won’t fully appreciate what it …

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