What we learned from House Guest

Well obviously nothing’s going to compete with Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem for a while when it comes to dropping hints about the lore of Steven Universe. However, House Guest did offer up a little bit of wisdom about the show.

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Ratings for House Guest

Steven Universe got another episode above two million viewers last night with House Guest. According to Zap2ItHouse Guest squeaked past that milestone with 2,004,000 viewers.

Preview for Space Race

Space Race will air on October 9, 2014 at 6:45 PM EST.

Here’s a preview via CNPreview:


Immediate reaction to House Guest

That fortune telling merit badge might not be out of our reach yet. While we may have been expecting an episode a bit more focused on Steven and Greg hanging out around the house, our thought process still checked out.

So, what did we get from this episode?

  • The Warp Whistle. It’s always nice to see another piece of technology.
  • The synthetic storm. We’ll count this one as technology too, at least for an honorable mention.
  • Pearl doesn’t just drive cars, she can repair them too.

As usual, once we’ve had time to parse things out in our head, we’ll post up the lore implications and some speculation about what this episode told us.

What to expect from House Guest

With House Guest airing tomorrow, it’s time to wonder what we’re going to see. We know that Greg will move in with Steven while his leg is broken, and we know this will somehow impact Steven’s powers.

After the high-impact two-parter of Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem, we can hope for this to be a gentler episode to ease us back into things. Not that we can expect to go back to the easy-going pace of the first twenty or so episodes; Mr. Burnett says we’ll be getting a faster flow of big episodes now, but it sounds like we’ll still have episodes where we can catch our breath.

One thing that will be interesting to find out is whether Greg interferes with Steven’s powers by making them go haywire, or if they shut them off altogether. It’s probably going to make them go crazy, since Steven doesn’t tend to use the powers at home, but something might come up.

The big question is why Steven doesn’t just use his healing saliva to heal his father’s leg. He was able to accidentally heal Connie’s eyesight by having her drink a little bit of spit, so if he doesn’t at least try to heal a broken leg it will be a bit of a surprise. Steven just seems too nice and eager to help to do something as Machiavellian as not healing his father in order to spend more time with him.

Greg episodes are always a treat, so it will be nice to have an episode that has him around in a primary role a lot. Maybe if we’re really good, the Lore Fairy will even leave an anecdote about Greg and Rose under our pillow.

New episode: Space Race will air on October 9, 2014

The schedule change does seem to be permanent, with Steven Universe now having just the 6:45 PM EST time slot to make room for more shows in the block.

Space Race
Steven attempts to build a spaceship to let Pearl revisit the wonders of the cosmos.

Get hyped.

“Thank You Steven” by Solstice-Rose


We have been eagerly awaiting the chance to post some Lapis Lazuli fan art. Ain’t she a Gem? Check it out on Deviant Art.

The wider Gem world after Ocean Gem

Now we come to our final bit of speculation after the airing of Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem (first we talked about what we learned about Gem technology, then what we learned about the Crystal Gems themselves). Finally we come to the big question: what might Gemkind be like?

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Song of the week: Desert Glass

Because the events of Ocean Gem temporarily turned Beach City into Desert City, this week we recognize Desert Glass as our song of the week.



The Crystal Gems after Ocean Gem

As an important milestone episode, Ocean Gem gave us some information to chew on. We’ve already discussed the implications of the magic mirror, and tomorrow we’ll talk about what Gem society might be like, but today we’ll be talking about the Crystal Gems and what their history might be.

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