Preview for Fusion Cuisine

We wish Garnet was our mother. CoinOpTV has the preview for Fusion Cuisine up. Check it out:


Immediate reaction to Keep Beach City Weird!

We definitely feel a deep, deep kinship with Ronaldo. Maybe we should open up a fry shop.

This episode… Oh, this episode. Ronaldo may be barking up the wrong tree, but we feel like we are on the cusp of a big breakthrough!

As is appropriate for a conspiracy episode, Keep Beach City Weird! has provided an extraordinary amount of material for speculation. The backstory of Gems on Earth, especially, might end up having to be revised if future episodes follow up on what we’ve seen today.

What to expect from Keep Beach City Weird!

This is going to be an interesting one (as you’d know if you had watched the preview). It looks like most of this episode is going to be in a flashback or story narration, like An Indirect Kiss.

So we should finally get to see more Ronaldo. That’s great! Since he’s the crackpot of the series, constantly trying to make sense of the weird things that the Crystal Gems inevitably cause to happen (or at least involve themselves in after the fact), we identify most with him. Ronaldo never fails to amuse, and his blog is always fun to check after an episode has aired. He also has buttons!

According to one of the commercials we should finally get to see Garnet shapeshift her entire body in this episode. While the ability of all Gems to shapeshift was established in Cat Fingers at the same time the power was being introduced, there has been speculation that only Amethyst has the power to manipulate her entire body; it’s good that another Gem has finally decided to use the power.

Other than that, sit back and enjoy Episode #31, the Halloween episode!

New episode: Fusion Cuisine will air on November 6, 2014

Thursday next week will see another new episode at 6:45 PM EST. This one was initially known to us as Fusion Crime, but multiple sources are calling it Fusion Cuisine instead. As such, we’ve gone ahead and edited this post to account for that.

Fusion Cuisine
In an effort to win over Connie’s parents, Steven convinces the Gems to fuse together and pretend to be his mother.

Song of the week: Teens of Rage

Sadie is probably a teen, definitely knows how to handle herself in a fight, and we know sometimes she can get angry. What does that make her? A Teen of Rage! So it should come as no surprise that Teens of Rage is this week’s song of the week.

Steven Universe DVD sighted on Amazon

Right now on Amazon, there is a listing for a Steven Universe DVD. Its release date is set at January 13, 2015, and it has an MSRP of $15. It includes the following episodes:

  • Gem Glow
  • Laser Light Cannon
  • Cat Fingers
  • Bubble Buddies
  • Tiger Millionaire
  • Steven’s Lion
  • Onion Trade
  • Giant Woman
  • Lars and the Cool Kids
  • Rose’s Room
  • Beach Party
  • Steven and the Stevens

It also features the pilot episode for the series.

The episodes are non-sequential, but that’s no reason to despair: when Adventure Time was getting its first DVD releases, they were similar to this. Eventually it got full-fledged season set DVDs and blu-rays, so hopefully Steven Universe has the same success in the home media market.

Steven Universe air times for October 27 – November 2, 2014

All times are EST.

6:45 PM: An Indirect Kiss

2:00 PM: Serious Steven
2:15 PM: Cheeseburger Backpack
2:30 PM: Onion Trade
2:45 PM: Coach Steven
3:00 PM: Monster Buddies
3:15 PM: Joking Victim
6:45 PM: Space Race

6:45 PM: Space Race

6:45 PM: Keep Beach City Weird!

6:45 PM: Monster Buddies

6:45 PM: Keep Beach City Weird!

What could Island Adventure mean?

We raised a question yesterday, brought up by Island Adventure. Unfortunately we have no answers for you: only speculation. It’s our lot in life, and it’s a good thing we enjoy it.

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Preview for Keep Beach City Weird!

This one comes in via CNPreview. Fair warning: this one seems to spoil more than is normal for these previews. Though it does look like it’s from the beginning of the episode, it’s still written like a climax and makes it look like most of the episode will be flashback.


What we learned from Island Adventure

The scenery in Island Adventure was fantastic, as was the interaction between the characters. What did we learn about Gems, though?

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