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Steven Universe: Future returns on March 6 – Trailer released

Are you excited? Steven Universe: Future’s story is continuing and ending soon. On March 6 at 7:00 PM EST, a four-part special will air. Be there.

Steven Universe Future to begin airing on December 7, 2019

The trailer came out a few days early, but Cartoon Network has officially announced great news: Steven Universe Future will be airing at 8 PM EST on December 7.

Here we are in the future: Steven Universe: Future announced

New York Comic Con brought some big news this year. Want to take a look at the future of Steven Universe? Here’s the intro:

Steven Universe: The Movie will release on September 2, 2019

We finally have a release date for the movie: September 2. It will air on Cartoon Network at 6:00 PM EDT.

The trailer for the movie was shown at San Diego Comic Con today, and it has also been posted to Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel. Take a look if you’re eager to see what’s coming:

A poster for Steven Universe: The Movie

EW made a big splash yesterday when they revealed a poster for Steven Universe: The Movie.

We don’t have any more details than the poster itself, but it’s already been dissected for what it can tell us:

Has there been a time skip? (Steven has a neck, don’t forget the neck!) Repurposing the moon base …

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The Steven Universe movie is a musical

Cartoon Network has put up an additional trailer for the Steven Universe movie that they teased a while back. There’s no footage in this one, but it does let us know that it will be a musical and has a few names of the cast. Yellow Diamond and Bismuth will obviously be returning, as will …

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Diamond Days trailer posted to YouTube

The trailer for Diamond Days was posted to the app along with the free weekend, but now it’s available for viewing on Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel.

Official teaser for the Steven Universe movie

Yes, with all of the hype about Legs From Here to Homeworld finally starting to die down, it’s time to talk about another big information drop from SDCC: Steven Universe will be getting a TV movie!

Based off of the official teaser Cartoon Network revealed at the convention and has since posted online, which heavily features …

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New promo for Heart of the Crystal Gems

While the promo we got last week was certainly intriguing (enough to do a podcast episode about it!), it certainly wasn’t as… Spicy as the commercial that is now running on Cartoon Network. Please hit that Continue Reading button if you’d like to see it (it’s one of those times where even the thumbnail contains …

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Advanced spoilers and you

Yesterday at about five o’clock Eastern time Cartoon Network posted a video. Featuring Ms. Sugar and Mr. Jones-Quartey, it was a short two-minutes-and-change podcast episode about cartooning with added video of the speakers and some background footage of their respective cartoons.

As you no doubt are either already aware or have already guessed, some of …

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