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Steven Universe coming to Hulu Plus

Well, Hulu has some good news for us: all season-one episodes of Steven Universe (in addition to other Cartoon Network and Adult Swim shows) will be available to stream on Hulu Plus. This all starts on May 1, so if you’ve been looking to get some mileage out of your subscription to Hulu Plus then this should …

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Three season one episodes shifted to season two

Oh, this is messy. So now we have two seasons, one of 49 episodes and one of 55. Except some episodes from that second season were actually produced with the first season, so we have to make the distinction between production seasons and airing seasons, and…

Yeah, its makes our heads hurt too, but Matt …

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Steven Universe to have crossover with Uncle Grandpa

Color us very surprised that this is actually real, but it’s Ian Jones-Quartey tweeting the article out.

We’re not entirely sure on how to feel about this, really. As canon hawks, though, we rather doubt that it will be considered to have “actually happened” as far as the show’s continuity is concerned.

Steven Universe: The Interview

Newsrama recently did an “interview” with Steven (the character), with Ms. Sugar providing the answers. Mostly it’s an interesting look at some fun minor characterization that probably won’t make it into the show, but it is dropped that Steven still can’t heal people after the events of House Guest.

As far as for what could be …

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