Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 391: Sprig vs Hop Pop and Girl Time

GC13 and David discuss Sprig vs Hop Pop and Girl Time from Amphibia.

The Plantar family sure has some crazy rituals, doesn’t it? They don’t need your suggestions for that, but Hop Pop will be happy to read them anyway. Jeremy really taught him a lot.

And Anne finally got that stick out of her hair. For just one episode, we knew what it could look like.

Rest in peace Slippy. (He slipped.)

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    • Malcolm on March 10, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    Good episode. Hope Soren is doing okay.

    If you don’t mind a toon recommendation. check out Brave Animated Series. It’s an animated series from Taiwan based on a webcomic that pokes fun at RPG mechanics, but in an interesting way.

    You might get some “déjà vu” with the aesthetic and look of the show, but trust me, it’s more suited for adults (or at least young adults).

    You don’t have to cover it, but if you do, you could probably do it as filler, as there are only 6 episodes so far (it took the whole crew around 3 years JUST to complete those).

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