Looking back at Alone at Sea

Alas, it appears that poor Lil Lappy is doomed to always be the Misery and not the Happy Lappy. We know that as time goes on she cheers up a bit from her earlier days living free on Earth, but even as of Room for Ruby she’s still in an adjustment period (though obviously better off).

As fun as their time on the water was (Lapis really enjoys the ship’s horn, but who wouldn’t?), the really memorable part of the episode was when Jasper made her appearance. Screenshots of this were actually really hard to believe when they came out, considering Jasper’s facial expressions. Boy were they real though, and boy did we get quite the confrontation between Jasper, Lapis, and Steven.

Jasper’s quote about how while she is a brute, Lapis is a monster was fantastic. We may never see that side of Lapis, as she was in a very dark place while fused in Malachite. Hopefully we won’t, anyway…

This was another episode that went out of its way to provide real-world relationship advice (much like how Beach City Drift teaches you to deal with the Kevins in your life). Remember kids, you want to look out for the Great and Lovable Peridots out there.

As for final business, poor Mr. Greg ended up buying a boat. Hopefully he had renter’s insurance… Boats aren’t cheap, at least when you’re Mr. Greg. This is also the episode that opened the Jasper Saga. We’ll get a bit of a break with Greg the Babysitter, but then there are three Jasper episodes in a row before our next break.


    • Zach Williams on March 24, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    GUYS!!! OK K.O. IS BEING PRODUCED!!! A streamer is friends with a story border and he said it’s being produced! they are making music for sure. He said it got picked up for 26 episodes

      • gc13 on March 25, 2017 at 10:49 pm

      Yeah, its pickup has been announced (though no official sources have come out with the episode count yet, I’d believe a twenty-six episode count as it’s Cartoon Network’s standard season size right now).

      It’s great news as far as I’m concerned. Bring on the heroism!

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