What could Three Gems and a Baby mean?

It’s an episode about the past, so of course we’ll be talking about future vision (that big question that we’ll probably never be able to answer). Also, we yet again get a question about what might happen to Steven.

This is, of course, speculation, so we have no answers for you. There are also some questions which are best left unanswered.

What would even happen to him?

Steven wondered it in Bubbled, and even before Three Gems and a Baby aired the fandom had been wondering the same thing: what would happen to him if his gem was removed. As we said yesterday, hopefully we never find out what happens to Steven if his gem is removed, but since Steven Universe is a show that loves its foreshadowing we have to wonder about the possibility now that it’s been brought up twice in relatively close episodes.

Obviously the happiest outcome is that Steven is fine, his personality is unchanged, and Rose reforms. She and Greg live happily together for the rest of his natural lifespan and she is a loving mother to Steven. All in all, probably one of the happiest possible endings to the series.

Of course there is also the possibility of a very dark ending: since Steven is the point-of-view character, no Steven means no show. If removing his gem were to kill Steven… Well, when Steven removed Lapis’s gem from the mirror it was trapped in, the mirror shattered.

It seems hard to expect either such a saccharine ending or such a depressing ending, so we’ll go right along hoping that Steven remains intact throughout the entire series. We do wonder though… What would happen to Steven?

Future vision

It’s the question that keeps on being asked: what are the limits of Garnet’s future vision? This episode showed two sides of it: on one count, Garnet’s future vision was startlingly accurate, predicting both Connie’s line about the box only being made to appear carefully wrapped and that on that very day Steven would have need of a razor to remove facial hair. (Bonus question: did he remove that facial hair with the razor Garnet gave him fourteen years prior?)

On the other count, however, Garnet’s future vision was completely inaccurate: despite seemingly having foreknowledge about what Steven would be doing almost fourteen years in the future, Garnet was apparently unable to see the outcome of their attempts to bring Rose back. We’ve wondered before if future vision requires Garnet to ask the right questions, and technically that could be correct if Garnet was so confident that she was correct that she never bothered to wonder how “Rose” would react, but it just doesn’t seem to fit.

So as of Three Gems and a Baby we’re left with a future vision power more erratic than ever. Garnet was attempting to consciously use it in Cry For Help so it’s not that visions only randomly come to her, so what exactly makes future vision tick? The world may never know.


    • Iggy on December 5, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    It may be that Garnet’s future vision is controlled entirely by her emotions, or at least her perceptions of characters at certain points in time. A possible (likely) reason she never considered Pearl to be the one rebuilding the Communication Hub in Cry for Help is that she never would have perceived, or wanted to perceive Pearl as the culprit. And even if she did, it seems Garnet might just ignore the futures that seem unlikely to her and her alone, when in reality those are the futures that sideblind (heh, punny) her.

    • SUfan on December 8, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    Since Steven is half Gem half human and not a human with a gem stuck inside the second thing is the most likely event.

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