Ratings for Marble Madness

Another week, another solid performance from Steven Universe: Marble Madness picked up 1,922,000 viewers on its premier (again proving that fan approval and ratings for individual episodes aren’t linked).

Here’s how the Cartoon Network premiers turned out this week:

  1. Teen Titans Go at 6:00 with 2,216,000
  2. Steven Universe at 6:30 with 1,922,000
  3. Amazing World of Gumball at 5:00 with 1,842,000
  4. Regular Show at 7:45 with 1,728,000
  5. Adventure Time at 7:30 with 1,675,000
  6. Uncle Grandpa at 5:30 1,626,000

Immediate reaction to Marble Madness

marblemadness_sidebarimageAlright, so we got a heavy, if brief, infodump in this episode. We finally have an approximate date for the Crystal Gem rebellion, which is fantastic. We also got a bit clued in to what happened to the Kindergarten, which itself has important implications for the backstory.

Also, the island from Island Adventure has a name now. Isn’t that cool for them to just toss that in?

Shadows by Wolfgrl13



Inspired by the song “Shadows” by Lindsey Stirling, Wolfgrl13 (/u/ravegrl13 on Reddit) brings us this wonderful piece of fanart featuring Pearl and Holo-Pearl. You can check it out now via Reddit and on Instagram.

Three season one episodes shifted to season two

whatdoesitmeanOh, this is messy. So now we have two seasons, one of 49 episodes and one of 55. Except some episodes from that second season were actually produced with the first season, so we have to make the distinction between production seasons and airing seasons, and…

Yeah, its makes our heads hurt too, but Matt Burnett confirmed that Jail Break (the 49th episode to air) will be the finale for season one and that the remaining episodes can stand alone and have been placed into season two.

On the other hand, that means that Full Disclosure will be the start of season two! Hurrah! That will make the inevitable hiatus all the more bearable.

What to expect from Marble Madness

Well there’s nothing like a crazy schedule change to make us want to reconsider the hype, but even though the droid in Marble Madness is a giant flask robonoid rather than another Red Eye we’re still calling this as one that will be super-interesting for us lore nerds.

Seriously, it came from space. Space is where all the cool stuff is, except for the cool stuff that’s left on Earth. Cool stuff like the Kindergarten, which it appears will also feature in this episode.

So this episode will hopefully tell us a bit more about the backstory of the Kindergarten(s), and probably more about the plans of the homeworld. It’s very interesting that they’re just sending another repair bot rather than an attack force.

Many new episodes to air March 9-13, 2015

This is crazy!Well forget the regular schedule of one new episode a week: Cartoon Network’s is planning to throw out at least one new episode a day next week. It would be exciting! But also confusing. Normally we’d just get Rose’s Scabbard on Thursday, but Ian Jones-Quartey has confirmed via his Twitter account that this is not only happening but was planned well in advance.

Most curious is that the obvious two-part season finale, The Return and Jail Break are being placed on a Thursday, and two more episodes from the season will be left un-aired at the end of the week.

The time slot is also changing to 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4), so please do make sure to check for Steven Universe at its new time!

Read on to see what the schedule is looking like (as usual there are quite a few episode summaries):

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 4: Maximum Capacity

PodcastTitleIn the fourth episode of the podcast, Ken, GC13, and Hunter go over Maximum Capacity. It looks like Amethyst may have taken a hit to her popularity but is still holding on.

Other questions asked are: Could Greg have done better if he had never met Rose? How long has Steven lived with the Crystal Gems? Is our paragon, Mayor Dewey, ready to become a villain?

Song of the week: Big Fat Zucchini

Wow. Amethyst. Seriously. Not cool. The song may originally be about Steven, and Amethyst may have been brought to her senses, but in the heat of the moment she was certainly a big fat meanie zucchini. That’s why Big Fat Zucchini is this week’s song of the week. Now who brought the linguine?



Steven Universe air times for March 2-8, 2015

All times are EST.

1:30 PM: Laser Light Cannon
1:45 PM: Together Breakfast

1:30 PM: Cat Fingers
1:45 PM: Arcade Mania
6:30 PM: Cheeseburger Backpack
6:45 PM: Bubble Buddies

1:30 PM: Giant Woman
1:45 PM: So Many Birthdays
6:30 PM: Serious Steven
6:45 PM: Tiger Millionaire

1:30 PM: Rose’s Room
1:45 PM: Ocean Gem
6:30 PM: Marble Madness
6:45 PM: Maximum Capacity (also listed as Space Race in some sources)

1:30 PM: Beach Party
1:45 PM: An Indirect Kiss
6:30 PM: Steven’s Lion
6:45 PM: Coach Steven

11:30 AM: Marble Madness
11:45 AM: Lars and the Cool Kids
12:00 PM: Joking Victim
12:15 PM: Onion Trade

What could Maximum Capacity mean?

A character episode. That’s what Maximum Capacity is. And we still find things to speculate about. Someone help us: we think we have a problem.

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