Preview for Say Uncle

Well, Uncle Grandpa definitely doesn’t lose his reality warping powers just because he’s in Steven Universe, that’s for sure. Check out the preview:

What we learned from Joy Ride

We’re no strangers to squeezing lore out of character-centric episodes, so even though Joy Ride focused mostly on showing us some of Steven’s feelings and giving us a better look at the cool kids you shouldn’t be surprised that we were able to get some lore out of this. Come on, didn’t you see the [REDACTED]?

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Ratings for Joy Ride

There’s no way to put a happy face on this one: Joy Ride got 1,342,000 viewers on Thursday. Ratings were down across all stations compared to last week, but… Ouch.

Here’s how the Cartoon Network premiers looked:

  1. Regular Show at 7:30 with 1,946,000
  2. Teen Titans Go at 6:00 with 1,853,000
  3. Steven Universe at 5:00 with 1,342,000
  4. Uncle Grandpa at 5:30 with 1,282,000

The current state of the homeworld

We’ve seen enough of the Gem homeworld to be able to make some assumptions about it. As we get more information our guesses should become more accurate, but these aren’t wild stabs in the dark: it all meshes with what we’ve seen previously to paint a consistent picture of the modern homeworld.

In short, the homeworld is militarized but weak.

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Immediate reaction to Joy Ride

Well happy days! We may not have got everything we wanted out of Joy Ride, but we’re super-glad about at least one thing it set in motion. (Don’t get too excited though, eh?) It’s also great to have confirmation on Sour Cream’s relation to Onion: they’re step-brothers.

Nothing too lore-heavy in this episode, just a big “watch out!” for future events. Plus, a close look at some very neat Gem technology.

The rulers of the homeworld

Almost all of our exposure to Gemkind takes the form of three (or four, depending on how you count) rebels who have been away from their brethren for thousands of years. We’ve been given enough hints to make some guesses about who rules in Gem society; it’s probably been stable (the titles in place, if not the Gems who hold those titles) for a while, but at the very least this should explain the current system.

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What to expect from Joy Ride

A picture of Peridot in the episode "Warp Tour".

We just really want her to join the main cast.

Well, from the preview and commercials we know we’re getting more of the cool kids (which we kind of expected out of the episode just based off of the name).

We’re happy to see from the preview that the cleanup effort after Peridot’s ship crashed will be ongoing for at least a little while. Really we’ve come to expect such attention to detail from the Crewniverse, but it’s always nice to call out when someone does good.

As for more interesting plot points… Well, all we have is one screenshot to go on indicating that Steven and the cool kids find something out there (apparently in a crater). Could it be Peridot? In the original episode order this would have been the first episode after Full Disclosure, and we wouldn’t complain if they wanted to get the Peridot plotline rolling quickly.

Here’s to hoping!

New episode: Say Uncle will air on April 2, 2014

Well, it’s finally here: the Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa crossover. Some have been dreading this day, but the crew behind Steven Universe seems to be really confident in this episode, and now we’re finally going to see how well they did with it.

The date of April 2nd, right after April Fools, might make some people wonder, but we suppose we’ll just have to wait and see. The episode will air at 5:30 PM EDT, so make sure you don’t miss it: people will definitely be talking about this one, no matter how it turns out.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 12: Open Book

PodcastTitleKen, GC13, and Hunter discuss Open Book, the first of three season one episodes being aired with the season two episodes.

Connie’s behavior as a representation of fandoms in general is explored. Also, when did you realize what was going on in the episode? Did the Crewniverse miss a good opportunity to introduce a recurring antagonist for Rose’s room?

Scoring a solid B, Open Book certainly has nothing to be ashamed of.

Finally, at the end there is a bit of foreshadowing: the crossover with Uncle Grandpa is coming soon, the week after Joy Ride airs. Be ready.

Song of the week: Steven’s Confession

Steven had a lot to get off of his chest, but the important thing is that he told the truth. That’s enough to make Steven’s Confession the song of the week (and Rose’s room a continual dispenser of wisdom).