Steven Universe air times for May 18-24, 2015

Another bad week for re-runs. Next week doesn’t look like it will have any Steven Universe during the week either, but it should have two hours on Sunday evening as well.

All times are EDT.

11:00 AM: The Message
11:15 AM: Arcade Mania
11:30 AM: Story for Steven
11:45 AM: Giant Woman

11:00 AM: Shirt Club
11:15 AM: Tiger Millionaire
11:30 AM: Open Book
11:45 AM: Steven’s Lion

Assigned Viewing: Giant Woman

StevenTVIt’s time for another Big Deal episode to discuss. This time we’re here talking about Giant Woman, probably a big contender for Top 5 lists for Steven Universe, and definitely one of the defining episodes of the series.

Gem fusion was a big thing. Who here remembers when they saw Opal for the first time? It’s probably pretty hard to forget. She was such a wonderful introduction to the concept of fusion, it was just… Wow. Steven’s awe-struck face probably looked like a lot of ours.

Of course right after Giant Woman aired people noticed some things: Garnet had lit up two separate gems on the temple door in Together Breakfast, and she was also the strongest member of the group. Even then the Garnet Fusion Theory was off to a good start.

We also got to see an interesting gem locale: the Sky Spire. Looking a lot like a nature trail, it was clearly built up to lead to the Heaven Beetle (or the Geode Beetle of Heaven).

At first we thought that the nature trail was made by Gems, but if, as Mr. Burnett says, the Heaven Beetle is a corrupted Gem, that means that humans probably made the trail. We’ve also, as of Rose’s Scabbard seen another place on Earth with floating chunks of rock just like at the Sky Spire: at the Strawberry Battlefield.

So what do you all make of these two interesting things, the hints of Garnet’s status as a fusion and the Sky Spire? When did you first hear the fan theories about Garnet, and when did you come to accept them? And what do you think the deal is with the Sky Spire? Discuss it all in the comments.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 19: Attack the Light

PodcastTitleGC13, Dakota, and Ken discuss the mobile game for Steven Universe, Attack the Light.

It’s a fun dungeon crawl RPG with excellent blurbs from all of the characters. What more could you want for $3? Each character has their specific uses in battle, and if you really want to win a fight you can fuse the Crystal Gems into Alexandrite and smack everyone down.

Of course Dakota also has to come out with some vigorous support of Amethyst after not being around to defend her during last week’s podcast.

Oh, and one more thing: The Game.

Steven Universe air times for May 11-17, 2015

Look on the bright side: at least it’s not a total re-run blackout.

All times are EDT.

11:00 AM: Full Disclosure
11:15 AM: Cat Fingers
11:30 AM: Jailbreak
11:45 AM: Bubble Buddies

11:00 AM: The Return
11:15 AM: Serious Steven
11:30 AM: Political Power
11:45 AM: Frybo

Steven Universe on hiatus, to return some time this summer

The Crewniverse has finally spoken out about the hiatus. Nobody knows exactly when the hiatus will end; last summer’s hiatus lasted from early May to late August, but we can always hope that this year’s hiatus will be shorter. With an estimated time of “later this summer” for the return of the show, we can certainly hope that Steven Universe will be back sooner rather than later.

Assigned Viewing: Serious Steven

StevenTVAlright, with the hiatus it’s time to look back on the series and have a bit of discussion about some of the most important episodes. We thought it would only be natural to start with Serious Steven, which was not only Steven’s first outing on a real mission but was also called back to in The Test, when Pearl and Garnet designed their test chambers using traps that they knew Steven had experienced before.

The pyramid temple was quite an enigma itself. Set in the middle of a historic battlefield, it suggests no immediate purpose but proves to be quite a harrowing experience for the unwary. It proved unable to handle it when Garnet broke sequence after Steven figured out its trick, but still left an impression.

Of course, as cool a thing as a temple was, it wasn’t the big thing. It wasn’t the thing.

That’s an honor reserved for the mural at the temple entrance. We can only see three panels of it, but it’s only now that we’ve been shown enough about the series to really make some serious guesses about what we’re seeing. Just look at it:


Click for full size.

So, this is the purpose of Assigned Viewing: what do you think is going on in this mural? What is it commemorating? Do we know enough yet? How long until the next piece of information about this scene drops? Get to discussing in the Comments section!

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 18: Reformed

PodcastTitleGC13, Ken, and Hunter discuss the new episode, Reformed. With Dakota gone, Ken has a chance to take revenge for the Shirt Club podcast. GC13 also can’t say numbers well.

The personality quirks of the Crystal Gems are discussed, as is the temple and the writing process of a Steven Universe episode. (When talking about the writing process, this interview is mentioned.) Gem forms are also mentioned, both their ability to be “overclocked” and their function as a constant reminder of past defeats.

Even though it looks like the summer hiatus has started, we’re going to stay right here with weekly episodes. Make sure to check back on May 11 for a new episode of the podcast!

Song of the week: Reunion

Aw, with such a loving group hug at the end of Reformed how could we not go with Reunion as the song of the week? It wasn’t just Steven happy to have Amethyst back, it was everyone: Garnet, Pearl, and all of us watching at home.

Steven Universe air times for May 4-10, 2015

All times are EDT.

1:30 PM: Reformed
1:45 PM: Love Letters

1:30 PM: Joy Ride
1:45 PM: Secret Team

1:30 PM: Say Uncle
1:45 PM: Beach Party

1:30 PM: Full Disclosure
1:45 PM: Steven and the Stevens

1:30 PM: Jailbreak
1:45 PM: Monster Buddies

11:00 AM: Reformed
11:15 AM: Laser Light Cannon
11:30 AM: Say Uncle
11:45 AM: Cheeseburger Backpack

11:00 AM: Love Letters
11:15 AM: Gem Glow
11:30 AM: Joy Ride
11:45 AM: Together Breakfast

What could Reformed mean?

And so, with a hiatus upon us, this is the last speculation post we’ll be writing about a new episode for a while. Yesterday’s lore post showed that we hit a good haul there, so of course there’s stuff left over to speculate over—it’s the Steven Universe way.

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