Immediate reaction to Garnet’s Universe

While there’s a bit of difference between what we asked for and what we got, we’re still feeling fulfilled by the way Garnet’s Universe ended.

What we’re not so excited to see is that Steven seems to have drawn more from his knowledge of Dragonball than of Garnet when telling his tale. Garnet is still as mysterious as ever, and we’ve learned only the barest facts from this episode.

What to expect from Garnet’s Universe

Did you see the preview for Garnet’s Universe? Looks like we’ll be getting to see more motherly Garnet, as opposed to the usual aloof Garnet. Along with a very outrageous tale by Steven, complete with a more exaggeratedly cartoony style, with regard to both visuals and its story.

Steven will probably make up an epic journey for Garnet (he apparently has given her an accompanying adventuring party, complete with Ronaldo as the priest), only to have Garnet tell him that her day was much more mundane. That would be the predictable plot, anyway, but the show’s thrown us plenty of curve balls before. We’d love to see a “Why did you ask me where I’ve been if you already knew?” with whatever passes for a wink from Garnet.

The big question: do we learn any hard facts about Garnet tomorrow, or will we be picking through the story looking for clues about Garnet based on what Steven’s picked up from living with her and chosen to put into his story? While we hope for the former, we likewise must prepare for the latter.

Alexandrite by rekka-jetti


Alexandrite is definitely an interesting fusion.  Here’s to hoping we learn more about her later. In the mean time, check out this drawing of her on rekka-jetti’s DeviantArt page.

New episode: Watermelon Steven will air on November 20, 2014

This is going to be an interesting one. Steven was on quite the roll with discovering powers, and it looks like he’s going to add another one to the list. Check it out on November 20, at 6:45 PM EST.

Watermelon Steven
Steven discovers a new power when he grows a patch of Steven-shaped watermelons!

Song of the week: Let Me Out

Alexandrite isn’t like other fusions (at least the two-Gem fusions we’re familiar with, Opal and Sugilite). Being forced to eat food, Pearl desperately wanted out of the fusion. Her need was so great that we’ve made Let Me Out our song of the week.

Steven Universe air times for November 10-16, 2014

All times are EST.

6:45 PM: Secret Team

6:45 PM: Keep Beach City Weird!

6:45 PM: Space Race

6:45 PM: Garnet’s Universe

6:45 PM: Fusion Cuisine

6:45 PM: Garnet’s Universe

What could Fusion Cuisine mean?

Fusion Cuisine wasn’t just our first look at a three-Gem fusion (though it was definitely very interesting to see). It brings up interesting questions about how Gem fusion works, and about the Crystal Gems’ past. We even have more people wondering about Garnet in particular.

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What we learned from Fusion Cuisine

Given its name, you can’t be surprised that Fusion Cuisine gave us a bit of information about gem fusions to chew on—that should be no spoiler at all. It was definitely a novel kind of fusion, and it seems to have novel effects to go along with it. Opal and Sugilite gave us one set of expectations, and Alexandrite seems to challenge them.

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Ratings for Fusion Cuisine

Is seems that the ratings for Cartoon Network without Dish Network have found their bottom. Showbuzz Daily has Steven Universe putting up ratings similar to last week, at about 1,458,000 viewers for Fusion Cuisine. We’ll see a huge spike in the numbers for the series just as soon as this contract issue gets worked out.

Preview for Garnet’s Universe

We still wish Garnet was our mother. The preview for Garnet’s Universe is up, and we get to listen to Steven the Storyteller: