Aivi and Surasshu post: Future Vision

From the episode Future Vision we get the appropriately named Future Vision (0:27) to end the drought of music releases since The Test.

What to expect from Winter Forecast

Winter Forecast looks to be another character episode, this time featuring Connie and Greg as the two side characters we’ll be spending eleven minutes with (along with Steven, of course). It’s another good mix, as we never really got to see the two interacting together in Ocean Gem (they had different travel arrangements).

As the name indicates, we’ll get to see some really cold weather (though the night in Horror Club was plenty cold). Maybe we’ll even the Crystal Gems in sweaters, though we’re still hoping to see that in Maximum Capacity instead.

Other than that, this is another “all bets are off” episode.

New episode: Maximum Capacity will air on February 26, 2015

Finishing out our February episodes will be Maximum Capacity, airing at 6:30 PM EST on February 26, 2015. As always, be sure to watch it!

Maximum Capacity
A garage sale reunites Greg and Amethyst with their favorite cheesy sitcom: Lil’ Butler.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 2: Horror Club

PodcastTitleIn the second episode of the podcast Hunter joins the crew after losing a Super Smash Brothers tournament. Horror Club is the subject of this week’s podcast, and the crew has a lot of questions: what should the Ronaldo x Sadie ship be named, why is Ronaldo so weird, and what does the diamond mean? Things get so confusing, even the meanings of “earliest” and “latest” become flexible!

Everyone is really excited for what the gem revealed at the end of Horror Club could mean for the future of the series. To think, such plot potential included in an episode focused on side characters.

Here are links to some of the choice Keep Beach City Weird blog posts mentioned in this episode (if you’re not following that Tumblr account, you really should be):

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Song of the week: Mirror Gem (piano version)

Think about the gem in the lighthouse, trapped for so long. Lapis Lazuli endured a longer captivity, it’s true, but she’s free now. We think she would be able to sympathize, so in honor of gems trapped in objects, Mirror Gem (piano version) is this week’s song of the week.

Steven Universe air times for February 16-22, 2015

All times are EST.

1:30 PM: Joking Victim
1:45 PM: Coach Steven
6:30 PM: Secret Team
6:45 PM: Giant Woman

1:30 PM: An Indirect Kiss
1:45 PM: Lion 2: The Movie
6:30 PM: Keep Beach City Weird!
6:45 PM: Tiger Millionaire

1:30 PM: Monster Buddies
1:45 PM: Horror Club
6:30 PM: Winter Forecast
6:45 PM: Horror Club

1:30 PM: Laser Light Cannon
1:45 PM: Island Adventure
6:30 PM: Space Race
6:45 PM: Steven’s Lion

11:30 AM: Winter Forecast
11:45 AM: House Guest
12:00 PM: Future Vision
12:15 PM: Warp Tour

11:30 AM: Arcade Mania
11:45 AM: Alone Together
12:00 PM: Garnet’s Universe
12:15 PM: Lars and the Cool Kids

What could Horror Club mean?

We had questions yesterday, when we talked about what we learned from Horror ClubSunday is a day of speculation: taking those questions and wondering aloud to ourselves about what it could all mean. Only time will tell what the real answers are, but we’re pretty sure that these questions will be addressed at least somewhat.

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What we learned from Horror Club

Some episodes focus on lore (those are our favorites!), others on fun stuff, others on characters. There’s a mixture of all three in pretty much every episode, of course, but some episodes make it clear which they’re there to pay the most attention to.

Horror Club was definitely focused on characters, but it gave us something to talk about (and a lot to wonder about tomorrow), so we will now officially thank it for its offering.

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Ratings for Horror Club

It was a tough day for ratings, but Steven Universe was still able to pull in 1,673,000 viewers with Horror Club.

As it has been for the past few weeks it was second place for Cartoon Network’s Thursday premiers, but ratings were down for every program.

Here’s what ratings looked like for the Cartoon Network premier block this week:

  1. Always the front-runner, Teen Titans Go at 6:00 with 1,982,000
  2. Steven Universe at 6:30 with 1,673,000
  3. Adventure Time at 7:30 with 1,666,000
  4. Regular Show at 7:45 with 1,665,000
  5. Uncle Grandpa at 5:30 with 1,657,000
  6. Amazing World of Gumball at 5:00 with 1,641,000

Jeff Liu posts: No Home Boys, On the Run (plus demos)

Over the past few days Jeff Liu has posted a total of four tracks from On the Run. Not only do we have the background track for the No Home Boys, but we have three versions of the eponymous vocal song from the episode (including the 1:22 demo featuring Steven Universe storyboard artist Katie Mitroff performing Amethyst’s vocals).