Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 511: Delicious in Dungeon episode 4 (Stewed Cabbage and Orc)

GC13 and Soren discuss the fourth episode of Delicious in Dungeon, Stewed Cabbage and Orc (they ate with the orcs, they didn’t stew them).

We’ve met our first bunch of not-so-human humanoids, and they don’t seem to be great fans of adventurers. But of course they get along great with Senshi—and he’s able to charm even Marcille with his golem-grown vegetables.

Laios has a lot of thinking to do. What would he do if he ruled the dungeon? While that’s probably going to come up much later, right now he’s a man on a mission—and now with a map, all thanks to Senshi and Zon.

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