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Ratings for Steven Universe: The Movie

After three days of nothing but Steven Universe on the network, the movie finally premiered and was watched by 1,572,000 people. In 2019, these are fantastic ratings for Cartoon Network.

Ratings for Change Your Mind

Well now, that was quite a season finale, wasn’t it? There was apparently a lot of anticipation for it as well, because Change Your Mind was watched by 989,000 people (the most the series has had in a year).

Ratings for Escapism

Escapism was seen by 668,000 viewers on its Monday premier.

Ratings for Together Alone

Together Alone was seen by 646,000 viewers when it premiered on Monday. Here’s how things stacked up for Cartoon Network:

Teen Titans Go! at 6:00 PM with 650,000 Steven Universe at 7:30 PM with 646,000

Ratings for Familiar

The ratings for Christmas Eve have finally been published, and Familiar was seen by 741,000 viewers.

Ratings for Legs From Here to Homeworld

An episode airing for the first time on TV means a new ratings post.

Legs From Here to Homeworld was seen by 631,000 viewers when it premiered on Monday, and bested We Bare Bears in viewership. Here’s how things (bear) stacked up:

Steven Universe at 7:30 PM with 631,000 We Bare Bears at 7:00 PM …

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Ratings for Reunited

Reunited was seen by 974,000 viewers on its premier on Friday. It may not sound too impressive, but to hear tell of it Cartoon Network hasn’t put up a higher-rated episode premier since March 30.

Ratings for Made of Honor

Yesterday, Made of Honor‘s premier was seen by 829,000 viewers.

Ratings for The Question

On Wednesday (which was the fourth of July, a celebration that would have a lot of people away from their televisions) the premier of The Question was seen by 709,000 people.

Ratings for What’s Your Problem?

The only new episode Cartoon Network aired on Tuesday, What’s Your Problem? was seen by 927,000 viewers on its premier.