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Ratings for the Steven Universe: Future finale

And so it is done. The Steven Universe: Future finale has aired, and here are how many viewers each episode got:

Homeworld Bound at 7:00 PM: 688,000 Everything’s Fine at 7:15 PM: 713,000 I Am My Monster at 7:30 PM: 800,000 The Future at 7:45 PM: 741,000

Ratings for Mr. Universe and Fragments

Last Friday Mr. Universe got 500,000 viewers at 7:00 PM and Fragments got 525,000 viewers right after at 7:15.

Ratings for Together Forever and Growing Pains

Steven Universe: Future’s end continued last Friday. Together Forever captured the hearts of 572,000 viewers and Growing Pains gave 547,000 viewers hope for our boy Steven.

Ratings for In Dreams and Bismuth Casual

The end of Steven Universe: Future is beginning. In Dreams and Bismuth Casual were seen by 536,000 and 515,000 people respectively. Before they aired, Cartoon Network also premiered the sing-along version of the movie with special jaunty subtitles during the songs; that version of the movie got 438,000 viewers.

Ratings for Little Graduation and Prickly Pair

The relentless march into December didn’t help anyone in the ratings, but Steven Universe: Future stuck with it and got 413,000 viewers for Little Graduation and 494,000 viewers for Prickly Pair. Here’s how the network’s premiers did on Saturday:

Amazing World of Gumball at 10:15 AM with 517,000 Amazing World of Gumball at 10:00 AM …

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Ratings for Snow Day and Why So Blue?

Steven Universe: Future continues to put up those good ratings. Snow Day had 716,000 viewers and Why So Blue? had 670,000. It was a very good day for Cartoon Network though, as you’ll see. Here’s how things stacked up:

Teen Titans Go! at 10:30 AM with 776,000 Teen Titans Go! at 10:45 AM with 734,000 Steven Universe: …

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Ratings for Bluebird and A Very Special Episode

Steven Universe: Future continues to put up some very good ratings, with Bluebird being seen by 710,000 people and A Very Special Episode being seen by 709,000 people.

Here’s how Cartoon Network’s Saturday premiers went:

Steven Universe: Future at 8:00 PM with 710,000 Steven Universe: Future at 8:15 PM with 709,000 Amazing World of Gumball at 10:15 …

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Ratings for Little Homeschool, Guidance, Rose Buds, and Volleyball

Well, Steven Universe can still stir some excitement, can’t it? During its premier each of its episodes got more viewers than any episode premier has garnered on Cartoon Network for a while (certainly since before August of this year, which is the oldest data we have on hand).

Here’s how the ratings stacked up on …

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Ratings for Steven Universe: The Movie

After three days of nothing but Steven Universe on the network, the movie finally premiered and was watched by 1,572,000 people. In 2019, these are fantastic ratings for Cartoon Network.

Ratings for Change Your Mind

Well now, that was quite a season finale, wasn’t it? There was apparently a lot of anticipation for it as well, because Change Your Mind was watched by 989,000 people (the most the series has had in a year).