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Ratings for Stranded

Cartoon Network had a decent night with a whole lot of premiers. Lars of the Stars and Jungle Moon were seen by 1,108,000 viewers. Here’s how the network’s premiers stacked up:

The Amazing World of Gumball at 6:00 PM with 1,229,000 Unikitty at 6:30 PM with 1,157,000 Steven Universe at 7:30 PM with 1,108,000 We Bare Bears …

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Ratings for Sadie Killer and Kevin Party

Well, it looks like the all-week Teen Titans Go! marathon didn’t improve ratings. Sadie Killer and Kevin Party were only seen by 767,000 viewers on Friday.

Ratings for Raising the Barn and Back to the Kindergarten

The ratings for this next pairing of episodes has edged slightly up over last week’s: Raising the Barn and Back to the Kindergarten got 891,000 viewers for their television debut.

Ratings for Dewey Wins and Gemcation

Finally airing on television after having been available on the app for more than a month, Dewey Wins and Gemcation were seen by 853,000 viewers on Friday.

Ratings for Wanted

Well people definitely wanted to watch the Wanted event. As a block, Stuck Together, The Trial, Off Colors, and Lars’ Head were seen by 1,532,000 viewers in its first half and 1,524,000 viewers in its second half.

Steven Universe wasn’t the only Cartoon Network show with a big premiere on Monday. Here’s how the network did:

Steven Universe at …

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Ratings for Are You My Dad? and I Am My Mom

Thursday brought out the best ratings of the week. Are You My Dad? and I Am My Mom were seen by 1,135,000 viewers on their premiers, and had the night to themselves (as far as premiers are concerned).

Ratings for The Good Lars

The Good Lars has Wednesday to itself, and its premier was seen by 950,000 viewers.

Ratings for Doug Out

Doug Out‘s ratings are in and it was seen by a total of 962,000 viewers. Here are the ratings for Cartoon Network’s premiers for yesterday:

Steven Universe at 7:00 PM with 962,000 Ben 10 at 5:00 PM with 758,000

Ratings for Lion 4: Alternate Ending

Lion 4: Alternate Ending had a decent showing for a Monday premier these days, getting 1,007,000 viewers. Here’s how the daily premiers looked:

Steven Universe at 7:00 PM with 1,007,000 Ben 10 at 5:00 PM with 776,000

Ratings for Room for Ruby

Another less than stellar week, but this week it’s clear that the entire network did poorly. Room for Ruby was seen by 945,000 viewers on its premier. Here’s how Cartoon Network’s premiers did:

Teen Titans Go! at 6:00 PM with 983,000 Steven Universe at 7:30 PM with 945,000 Powerpuff Girls at 7:45 PM with 817,000