Ratings for Little Homeschool, Guidance, Rose Buds, and Volleyball

Well, Steven Universe can still stir some excitement, can’t it? During its premier each of its episodes got more viewers than any episode premier has garnered on Cartoon Network for a while (certainly since before August of this year, which is the oldest data we have on hand).

Here’s how the ratings stacked up on Saturday:

  1. Steven Universe: Future (Rose Buds) at 8:30 PM with 837,000
  2. Steven Universe: Future (Little Homeschool) at 8:00 PM with 807,000
  3. Steven Universe: Future (Guidance) at 8:15 PM with 799,000
  4. Steven Universe: Future (Volleyball) at 8:45 PM with 757,000
  5. Apple and Onion at 9:30 AM with 301,000
  6. Apple and Onion at 9:45 AM with 250,000
  7. Transformers: Cyberverse at 6:30 AM with 222,000