Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 5: Marble Madness

In thPodcastTitlee fifth episode of the podcast, GC13, Ken, and Hunter discuss Marble Madness and the impending #StevenBomb.

Peridot: cute bureaucrat or cutest bureaucrat? Will Pearl gain the secondary title of crab mom, or is she simply being dramatic? Why is the homeworld returning now? Is there a point in dancing around a (spoiler warning) new character’s name if you’re just going to say it later?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow: we’ll be recording and releasing podcasts daily for the duration of #StevenBomb, and we’ll be back at the regular time next week as well for an episode discussing the event as a whole.


    • Madi on March 9, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    You know, I’m pretty sure Peridot IS coming back even much later in the series, considering Michaela Dietz posted a pic of herself, Zach Callison and Shelby Rabara on Twitter a few days ago…the absence of Deedee makes me think it’s a recent picture, considering she’s off on Broadway right now.

    Can you tell I stalk the cast on Twitter??

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