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Looking back at Log Date 7 15 2

A slice of life episode to help us unwind after some hard-hitting plot episodes? Wow, thanks! (That’s how humans express gratitude, right?) Log Date 7 15 2 came right when we needed it, and it was definitely a great way to end the bomb.

Every bit of character development Peridot had that needed to be shown …

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Looking back at Message Received

And here it is: the master of overshadowing. Yellow Diamond herself, with the added bonus of a Pearl who doesn’t care because she doesn’t have to—she’s with the homeworld.

While in the first viewing it’s not immediately obvious what Peridot’s plan is (though Peridot’s redemption is still pretty likely even if you hadn’t seen the …

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Looking back at It Could’ve Been Great

How many exciting things can you pack into one episode? A secret Diamond base? A trip to the moon? Pictures of the Diamonds? A look at the initial Gem plans for Earth? An angry Garnet, combined with Peridot intrigue? It Could’ve Been Great was, itself, great!

Just the orb that White Diamond was depicted as holding, …

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Looking back at Steven’s Birthday

They sure took their time telling us how old Steven was: thirteen for most of the series, until he turned fourteen in Steven’s Birthday. Perhaps they wanted us to be as surprised as Connie was. The only surprise worth noting, however, is how dapper Steven can be (he and Connie are perfect friends).

This was Steven’s first …

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Looking back at The Answer

With a lot of distance between us and the last Steven Bomb, and apparently a lot of distance between us and the next one, we thought now was a great time to take a look back at the most recent bomb’s episodes. First up is The Answer, an excellent history lesson that said and showed a …

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