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Lunar Sea Spire episode 410: Understanding Willow (from The Owl House)

GC13, Soren, and David discuss Understanding Willow from The Owl House.

Remember, when your friend falls ill at school, it’s important that you take them straight home without going to the school nurse at all—the school nurse probably isn’t a criminal …

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Lunar Sea Spire episode 409: Really Small Problems (from The Owl House)

GC13 and David discuss Really Small Problems from The Owl House.

In a world where wild houseflies are intelligent enough to serve as steeds and follow complex instructions involving not eating food, it’s probably a good thing their hairs are so …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 408: The First Day (from The Owl House)

GC13 and Soren discuss The First Day from The Owl House.

That’s right, we’re back to The Owl House! It’s Luz’s first day in a magical school. With a hat that can sort– we mean choose your coven track? Well, at …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 407: A Night at the Inn and Wally and Anne (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss A Night at the Inn and Wally and Anne from Amphibia.

So it’s another episode with cannibal frogs in one season. What are the odds? Probably a lot better than someone being careless enough to store vinegar right …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 406: Snow Day and Cracking Mrs. Croaker (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Snow Day and Cracking Mrs. Croaker from Amphibia.

Snow Day loads up Chekhov’s Gun with some sleight of hand, but we’re not mad: those pictures Anne and Sprig took were too darling. Plus, the hibernation episode wasn’t anything …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 405: Croak and Punishment and Trip to the Archives (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Croak and Punishment and Trip to the Archives from Amphibia.

So Anne has finally found out why it’s dangerous to have her hair taste like foliage; Sprig has probably also broken the land speed record. He makes a …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 404: Civil Wart and Hop-Popular (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Civil Wart and Hop-Popular from Amphibia.

Did someone say “Hop Pop episode”? Because Hopediah is becoming a popular man. He’s at least more popular than Hunter. Stupid Hunter. Where would he even be without his fantastic abs?

Whether …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 403: Grubhog Day and Hop Pop and Lock (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Grubhog Day and Hop Pop and Lock from Amphibia.

If you have trouble reading that first title as anything other than “Grubhub Day” then we feel your pain, and we’ve got just the medicine: a groovy electro swing …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 402: Toad Tax and Prison Break (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Toad Tax and Prison Break from Amphibia.

Well, it’s official: the plot has come to Wartwood. Three thugs from the tower deputize Anne, but in a startling display of maturity she actually earns the respect of the townsfolk …

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 401: Lily Pad Thai and Plantar’s Last Stand (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Lily Pad Thai and Plantar’s Last Stand from Amphibia.

Looks like Anne is at it again, and this time Hop-Pop is getting in on the scamming action. Whether you see the connection to Fred Flintstone or not, you …

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