Luz is no Space Alien: The Owl House Tells a Lie

The first episode of a series is very important, because it lets the viewer know what to expect from its characters and its stories. The Owl House has a whole new world to introduce us to, so it had to start bringing us up to speed on that as well.

With so much ground to cover it’s understandable why The Owl House was in a rush to introduce its main character, Luz; in order to be as efficient as possible it told us a lot about her in the first couple of minutes—and made her sound like she’s from outer space in the process. What it showed us, however, was quite a different character.

With this video made I can continue watching The Owl House, so I’ll see how I did with my prediction. Will Luz act like she’s from outer space after all, or will she keep acting like she’s a great friend?