Steven Universe air times for April 24-30, 2017

All times are EDT. (And may we say it is wonderful to have re-runs to list again.)

Monday: Attack From Homeworld Part One
2:00 PM: Mirror Gem
2:15 PM: Ocean Gem
2:30 PM: Warp Tour
2:45 PM: Marble Madness

Tuesday: Attack From Homeworld Part Two
2:00 PM: The Message
2:15 PM: Political Power
2:30 PM: The Return
2:45 PM: Jailbreak

Wednesday: Steven’s Lion
2:00 PM: Steven’s Lion
2:15 PM: Lion 2: The Movie
2:30 PM: Lion 3: Straight to Video
2:45 PM: Rose’s Scabbard

Thursday: Peridot’s Redemption Part One
2:00 PM: Warp Tour
2:15 PM: Catch and Release
2:30 PM: When it Rains
2:45 PM: Back to the Barn

Friday: Peridot’s Redemption Part Two
2:00 PM: Too Far
2:15 PM: It Could’ve Been Great
2:30 PM: Message Received
2:45 PM: Log Date 7 15 2

2:00 PM and 2:15 PM: Gem Harvest
2:30 PM: Steven’s Dream
2:45 PM: Adventures in Light Distortion

2:00 PM: Gem Heist
2:15 PM: The Zoo
2:30 PM: That Will Be All
2:45 PM: The New Crystal Gems