Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 124: Spoilers in advertisements for Steven Bombs

GC13 discusses Cartoon Network’s newfound predilection for spoiling aspects of the upcoming story arc in the advertisements for it.

The earlier bombs may not have been spoiled much by their ads, but starting with Steven Bomb 4 we’ve been getting many more spoilers in purposeful advertisements.

Of course not all advertising spoilers have been intentional, with Lapis’s reappearance (and Peridot being with her) was spoiled before Steven Bomb 4 (with its big focus on whether Peridot would stay with the group or not) had even finished airing.

The commercial for the latest bomb isn’t discussed until 10:38, so if you’re avoiding all spoilers for it (even very intentional ones), you’re safe until then.


    • Something Witty on February 3, 2017 at 8:00 am

    GC I had an important realization and this isn’t exactly the episode for this topic but I needed to say this to you guys! :M

    When I rewatched the leaked episodes of the bomb (which I’m only gonna slightly talk about now cuz they’re over now) I noticed that ALL the earth gems work at the Zoo, so it’s likely that our Jasper worked there. Her comment of “I *know* what a human is…” to Lapis in The Return rung out to me when I realized that all the earth-made Gems were relocated to the Zoo. :U

    So when Peridot requested a guard to go to Earth with her Yellow Diamond just gave her the most competent Quartz from the Zoo she could find, which was our Jasper. :O

    I like to believe that the story that J-10 was talking about in The Zoo when a zoo-man was hurt and a Gem came through the door to help, I like to believe that the Gem who came was our Jasper and when we develop her further later down the line I really hope that this is the case cuz it’d be cute to see a softer side to Jasper. :3

    It’s likely that Hollyblue Agate was probably abusive to her and we’ll get some kind of “feel bad for Jasper” scenes about that cuz she calls the Jaspers “off color rejects” and clearly doesn’t like them. Remember how Jasper took Amethyst’s whip to the face and didn’t flinch. Maybe she’s had some history with stuff like that. Poor Jasper! D:

    • Jon P on February 3, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    The commercial for the post-summer adventures episodes didn’t have any big spoilers (as there wasn’t really an arc going on), but they did invite certain expectations. For one, we saw Stevonnie in battle, but especially with the clip of Sapphire amidst butterflies. I was sure that was going to come up in “Future Boy Zoltron” (once I had made peace with the fact that was not a made-up episode title, rip “Tiger Philanthropist”).

    But a bigger example of what you were talking about might be in the advance publicity for “Bismuth”. First of all, the entire existence of Bismuth, which solved one big mystery and provided a probable (though still yet unconfirmed) answer to another (who poofed Lapis?). But the bigger spoiler in the sneak peek was Amethyst being in a new outfit.

    While I’m not anti-teaser/promo, I am a little disappointed that some of the biggest “Holy shit!” moments lost their startle because of leaks, and I’m a bit jealous when I read blind live-bloggers’ thoughts as they watch “Super Watermelon Island”.

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