Looking back at The New Lars

thenewlarsUpon an initial viewing, The New Lars was some pretty intriguing stuff: Steven accidentally uses an upgraded version of his powers from Chille Tid and Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service to assume direct control of Lars, then gives us a great look at Lars’s relationship with others. We even saw his parents for the first time (sorry Mr. Smiley).

Considering it after the revelation of Back to the Moon though… Well, we’ll get there eventually, won’t we?

This episode is probably most notable, actually, for its company with Island Adventure as an episode that makes some people wonder if Lars can ever catch a break with fans. It’s definitely a weighty subject, but to weigh in very briefly we think that The New Lars ends quite sympathetically for Lars.

As for the question of Koala or Sloth, that might be a question for the podcast.