Steven Universe air times for June 6-12, 2016

Some of these might be out of order, but here are the blocks that will be airing.

All times are EDT.

12:00 PM: Laser Light Cannon
12:15 PM: Rose’s Room
12:30 PM: Lion 3: Straight to Video
12:45 PM: Maximum Capacity

12:00 PM: Rose’s Scabbard
12:15 PM: Story for Steven
12:30 PM: We Need to Talk
12:45 PM: The Answer

12:00 PM: Mirror Gem
12:15 PM: Ocean Gem
12:30 PM: Warp Tour
12:45 PM: Marble Madness

12:00 PM: The Message
12:15 PM: Political Power
12:30 PM: The Return
12:45 PM: Jailbreak

2:00 PM: Gem Drill
2:15 PM: Super Watermelon Island
2:30 PM: Same Old World
2:45 PM: Barn Mates
3:00 PM: Hit the Diamond
3:15 PM: Back to the Barn
3:30 PM: It Could’ve Been Great
3:45 PM: Message Received


  1. No Steven Floats? 🙁
    I want Summer of Steven already

    1. soon. and by soon I mean in 5 months.

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