Ratings for Barn Mates

Impressively, despite getting little to no advertising compared to some of the other shows (Steven Universe and Regular Show got little to no advertising, and Adventure Time got precious little), Barn Mates did well enough for Steven Universe to again top the Cartoon Network premiers this week with 1,371,000 viewers. Good on you, Crewniverse.

Here’s how the premiers did this week:

  1. Steven Universe at 7:00 PM with 1,371,000
  2. Adventure Time at 7:30 PM with 1,355,000
  3. Regular Show at 7:45 PM with 1,352,000
  4. Powerpuff Girls at 6:30 PM with 1,267,000
  5. Teen Titans Go! at 6:00 PM with 1,267,000 (a tie)
  6. Clarence at 5:30 PM with 1,071,000
  7. Amazing World of Gumball at 5:00 PM with 1,051,000


  1. Anyone see the preview for the next episode? Another thing I was not expecting….again…..this gun be gooood.

    1. I saw it. it definitely looks interesting! 🙂

      • SUfan on May 28, 2016 at 6:39 pm

      So many unique Roobs! Which is weird considering they’re supposed to be the same Gem. I think it’s gem-placement that makes them so different. As well as it being boring to have the exact same character be 1-half of the episode’s cast.

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