Ian Jones-Quartey leaving the show

whatdoesitmeanBad news you guys: Ian Jones-Quartey, the show’s supervising director and co-executive producer, is leaving the show. He broke the news in this tweet.

It’s never a good sign when someone so instrumental to the show leaves (too much rocking the boat, changing a good thing), but he indicated that there are plenty of episodes he’s worked on that we haven’t seen yet, so it will be a while before we see how the team managed the transition.

As for what’s next for Mr. Jones-Quartey? Well, he isn’t saying what he’s moving on to, but the easy money says that he’ll be working on his new cartoon,¬†Lakewood Plaza Turbo. So when that comes out we’ll be able to see how our little family of cartoons has grown.

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  1. It’s certainly not detrimental to the show that he’s leaving, but he will be missed. Good luck to the guy!

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