Immediate reaction to Reformed

reformedbannerAlright, first off the big hype: we got to see new parts of the temple! Sure, they’re non-functional, but it’s still more than we saw during season one. Really, the amount of apparently dead space in the temple is quite perplexing. Hmmmmmmm… Need more evidence, need so much more evidence.

Of course that may be the big hype but it’s not the big lore information we’ve got. We now know far more about a Gem’s reformation process than we ever did before, which is kind of a big deal. Of course it wouldn’t be Steven Universe if this wasn’t delivered in such a way as to bring up even more questions, but we’re making progress!

Unfortunately, the bad news: we still have no more information about upcoming episodes, so we have to assume that the summer hiatus has begun. Last year we didn’t get new episodes for three months, which again leaves us waiting until August for new Steven.

Endure. In enduring grow strong.


    • Runi on April 30, 2015 at 6:56 pm

    Now that all 3 gems have a new look, you think we might get a new intro after the hiatus? Maybe the part of the song Rebecca blocked out in the full version of “We Are The Crystal Gems” will be the new opening with the Gems in their new costumes. It’d be cool.

      • gc13 on April 30, 2015 at 7:51 pm

      Maybe. If we don’t get one I’d consider it strong evidence that we’re getting a new cast member this season, though since I refuse to contemplate a world in which neither Lapis nor Peridot join the team I wouldn’t count a new opening as evidence against it either.

      If the blocked lyrics are going to be in the new song, I’m not sure if it’s time for the new song yet anyway. I mean, we know so much more about the Crystal Gems than we did at the start of the series, but something about her song gave me the impression that we need to know more to really appreciate the lyrics.

  1. Yeah, it looks like a hiatus is inbound. Apparently, there aren’t any new episodes through May 9th. Oh, well, I have other stuff to keep me occupied. Guess I can wait three…..long…..painful…..months…….again.

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