What could Fusion Cuisine mean?

Fusion Cuisine wasn’t just our first look at a three-Gem fusion (though it was definitely very interesting to see). It brings up interesting questions about how Gem fusion works, and about the Crystal Gems’ past. We even have more people wondering about Garnet in particular.

Triple fusion

As we mentioned yesterday, Alexandrite was very much at odds with herself. Rather than being one Gem, she seemed to be a body piloted by three (much like Steven had first imagined Opal to be, actually). While we can guess that this is a result of her being a fusion of three Gems at once, we can’t be nearly so sure that this is a natural consequence of there being too many gems in one Gem: Sugilite, after all, never argued with herself.

Does this mean that if two of the Crystal Gems had fused, then the resulting fusion Gem fused with the last Crystal Gem, we would have got a more stable fusion? Would it have still been Alexandrite, or would a fusion of, say, Opal and Garnet result in a different Gem than either Alexandrite or the fusion of Sugilite and Pearl? Can fusions even fuse? They probably can, though it’s entirely possible there’s a special rule that says they can’t. Garnet can fuse though, and she has multiple gems.

We’re really happy to have seen Alexandrite, but Gem fusions are quickly becoming one of the most fascinating aspects of the series for us. They’re whole new characters, all with very interesting designs, but with a built-in explanation of why we don’t see them easily solving all of the problems that the main characters struggle with. Every time we see a new one, it whets our appetite for more.

The four-point star

Alexandrite is unique among the Crystal Gems as the only one who doesn’t have a five-point star somewhere on her. She still has a star, it’s just that it only has four points on it and so looks somewhat like the traditional Gem rhombus that is also often used to represent stars in the series.

Why is this? Were the three Crystal Gems we know already in a separate group before they joined up with Rose Quartz? The shape of the star would seem to indicate that they were closely related to the main group, assuming the rhombus is indeed a symbol of affiliation; it’s also possible it’s just a general Gem symbol, in which case the four-point star could be a group that doesn’t really set itself apart from other Gems much.

Now for the really interesting question: if the Crystal Gems were in a group before, were they in that group as themselves or as Alexandrite? We know the Gems are a martial species, and we know that on the Gem battlefield in Serious Steven that there was a very large amount of weaponry that could only be wielded by giants. Fusion might be very common among Gem warriors, as they would need every edge in power they could get over their enemies. Being able to combine the power of four gems into one entity could make them very potent so long as they fought as one, assuming most mega-fusions quickly dissolve into bickering as the components are not of one mind.

More fuel for the Garnet fusion theory

We feel compelled to mention that some people have slowed down Alexandrite’s defusion and noticed that while you can clearly see the forms of Amethyst and Pearl, Garnet appears to be two separate blobs, each with one of her gems. It’s only very briefly though, and within a frame or two they merge together and you can see Garnet’s form.

The Garnet fusion theory stands well enough on its own without this being introduced into evidence (Garnet could have formed last simply because her two gems made her form more complicated, or by random chance), but it’s certainly something to talk about.