Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 323: Obsidian

GC13 and David discuss the second episode of Adventure Time: Distant Lands, Obsidian.

If you’re a fan of Marceline then we’re pretty sure you enjoyed this episode. If you’re a fan of learning about characters, then we’re pretty sure you enjoyed this episode. Who knew that a setting so new to us could give us such old character lore?

Of course now we have more questions than ever before about Marceline’s mother, but at least the credits gave us a name: Elise.

This episode of the podcast is also available on YouTube.

What’s Your Glitch, Mitch? The Meanest Character in Glitch Techs

Mitch Williams has quite the arc from the start of Glitch Techs to the end of its second season: starting as a character willing to use mind wiping for just about anything, he becomes someone who seems like he might actually be willing to work with others. Hey, for Mitch, that’s a big deal.

But why, dear Glitch Techs fan, is he like this in the first place? Well, play on: the story of Mitch’s glitch isn’t a story the Glitch Techs are likely to tell you. But I’m no Glitch Tech, am I?

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 322: Radio Silence

GC13 and David break their silence to discuss Radio Silence from Summer Camp Island.

Oscar has it tough when he’s chasing his rainbow, but it turns out that the treasure he was looking for was friendship the entire time. And a unicorn. Plus, we are inspired by visions of a Steven Universe episode that never was.

Thankfully no one on the podcast does any goofy voices. That might be too much.

This episode of the podcast is also available on YouTube.

Why You Forgave Lapis Lazuli After One Episode of Steven Universe

There’s a lot of talk about villains being redeemed in Steven Universe, but one character left off of those lists is Lapis Lazuli. It’s not hard to understand why: everyone loves Lapis! But if you sit back and watch Ocean Gem, you realize that Lapis did some bad stuff. Why was she forgiven right away?

Steven Universe doesn’t miss, so let’s look at why Lapis was forgiven before she ever offended.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 321: Tutorial Mode

GC13 and David discuss Tutorial Mode from Glitch Techs.

Yep, Glitch Techs really did manage to work its wrestling episode in as its second episode. Yes, the main antagonist of the episode looks suspiciously like Hulk Hogan, brother!

Glitch Techs is an amazing series, so if your interest was piqued by Age of Hinobi then you owe it to yourself to continue on to Tutorial Mode!

This episode of the podcast is also available on YouTube.

Cartoon Network October 2020 Ratings Report

The month of October saw Cartoon Network release a lot of bombs: Teen Titans Go, Apple and Onion, Craig of the Creek, and Total Dramarama all got a week of new episodes, and Victor and Valentino got four!

We also saw the premier of Ben 10 vs the Universe, the Night of the Harbinger movie from Lego, and a new episode of DC Super Hero Girls.

Finally, Bakugan: Battle Planet and Ninjago continued to premier new episodes on Sundays.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 320: Trading Day

GC13 and David discuss Trading Day from Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. Yep, who had body switch episode? You win.

Well, you win, but the characters never actually switch bodies, do they? (Humorous endings aside.) What they do prove is that they are absolutely awful at being each other (though in Mao Mao’s defense he probably would have been fine if he weren’t also a jerk).

This episode of the podcast is also available on YouTube.

Enid and Her Family: The Spookiest Characters in OK KO

There’s only one family in OK KO spooky enough for Halloween, and that’s Enid’s family. Wilhamena, Bernard, Enid, Boris, and Icky live together in the spookiest house on the block, and since they boast a vampire, a werewolf, a witch, a frankenstein monster, and a headless horseman to be, there’s no one who can take the crown from them any time soon.

So if OK KO has the spooks, let’s go get the spooks. They were only in two episodes, Parents Day and Monster Party, but they’re such a wonderful family we think OK KO was better for their inclusion.

Stevie Borbolla’s doodles of Enid’s family (including Boris and Icky) can be found here.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 319: Cosmic Bupkiss

GC13 and David discuss Cosmic Bupkiss from Summer Camp Island.

Oscar and Hedgehog are eleven, so when they say they’ve been waiting their whole lives to see the Bupkiss comet, they pretty much mean it.

This is the kind of episode we were waiting for though. Do you want to understand the batch of episodes that follows? Then Cosmic Bupkiss sets you up well to understand them.

This episode of the podcast is also available on YouTube.

Stacks: More Than Just Craig of the Creek’s Librarian

While Craig of the Creek is an outdoor series, it still makes time for indoor kids like Stacks. Except… Stacks isn’t just an indoor kid, is she? Sure, her initial episodes focus on what she can do inside a library, but later episodes of Craig of the Creek see her venture out into the creek for quests most noble.

So let’s celebrate Stacks! Craig of the Creek wouldn’t be the same without her, and the Herkleton Public Library wouldn’t be either.