Unlocked episodes as of April 29, 2019

Season five isn’t completely unlocked anymore, so here’s what’s left able to be watched on the Cartoon Network website and app without logging in with a cable provider:

  • Stuck Together
  • The Trial
  • Lars’ Head
  • Gemcation
  • Back to the Kindergarten

Steven Universe air times for April 29 – May 5, 2019 (1.5 hours)

All times are EDT.

6:00 AM: Super Watermelon Island

6:00 AM: Gem Drill

6:00 AM: Same Old World

6:00 AM: Barn Mates

6:00 AM: Hit the Diamond

6:00 AM: Steven Floats

Steven Universe #27 is out today

The twenty-seventh issue of the comic book series came out today. New challengers have approached, so it’s time to see what they can do.

Graphic Policy has a preview if you’re interested in what you’re in for.

Like issue #26 before it, issue #27 is a typically sized comic and so will cost you $4 wherever comics are sold.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 240: Sibling Rivalry

GC13 and David discuss the OK K.O.! episode Sibling Rivalry, the debut of Raymond and the origin of the term “pompadork”.

While it might not actually be the most important episode to the lore of OK K.O.! (all jokes aside), it’s still a good look at the dark side of life at Boxmore. If life at Boxmore even has a bright side. It also has a “nothing but net” joke that may or may not have flown over our heads for a long time.

Boom boom, shake the room.

Steven Universe air times for April 22-28, 2019 (1.5 hours)

All times are EDT.

6:00 AM: Too Far

6:00 AM: The Answer

6:00 AM: Steven’s Birthday

6:00 AM: It Could’ve Been Great

6:00 AM: Message Received

6:00 AM: Log Date 7 15 2

New mobile game: The Phantom Fable

Yesterday a new Steven Universe mobile game was released: The Phantom Fable.

Credited to SleepNinja Games, The Phantom Fable has an all-new story about an ancient Gem artifact. The combat is in real-time, with you making gestures on your touch screen to direct your characters in battle.

The Phantom Fable will cost you $3 on your phone’s app store.

Season 5 is unlocked on the app

Want to refresh your memory on season five? The entire season is currently available on the Cartoon Network website and app for viewing without logging in with a cable provider. That includes:

  • Stuck Together
  • The Trial
  • Off Colors
  • Lars’ Head
  • Dewey Wins
  • Gemcation
  • Raising the Barn
  • Back to the Kindergarten
  • Sadie Killer
  • Kevin Party
  • Lars of the Stars
  • Jungle Moon
  • Your Mother and Mine
  • The Big Show
  • Pool Hopping
  • Letters to Lars
  • Can’t Go Back
  • A Single Pale Rose
  • Now We’re Only Falling Apart
  • What’s Your Problem?
  • The Question
  • Made of Honor
  • Reunited
  • Legs From Here to Homeworld
  • Familiar
  • Together Alone
  • Escapism
  • Change Your Mind

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 239: Wildernessa

GC13 and David discuss the episode Wildernessa from Craig of the Creek—a good episode that is named for a good character as well.

Setting aside just what gave Cheesesticks the super size and strength necessary to give rides to children (seriously, he’s like a bear to them), he’s still the ideal companion animal for Wildernessa. Wildernessa is also the druid that the Creek deserves.

Will Forever Mortimer ever become a reality though? We doubt it, but we dream on.

No air times for April 15-21, 2019

New art book announced: The Art of Steven Universe The Movie

Yesterday Dark Horse announced an art book that would be accompanying the Steven Universe movie.

No, unfortunately the announcement doesn’t contain anything juicy. We still don’t know what’s coming up in the movie, or even when it (or the art book) will be out.

What we do know, however, is that the art book will be a softcover (zine-like) with 96 pages and retail for $20.