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Harmony #3 is out today

The third of five issues of the new Steven Universe comic miniseries, Harmony, has released today.

If you’d like, you can check out the preview for the issue and see what you’re in for as far as art style and story are concerned.

It’s getting spicier! With action and adventure, the third issue definitely moves things to a new place.

Currently unlocked episodes

Here’s what you can watch on the Cartoon Network website and app without logging in with a cable provider:

  • Storm in the Room
  • Greg the Babysitter
  • Reformed
  • Nightmare Hospital
  • Laser Light Cannon
  • Watermelon Steven
  • Horror Club
  • Joy Ride

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 211: Comic issue #20

GC13 discusses the twentieth episode of the current comic series (featuring the lovely Sardonyx on the cover).

Every issue of the comic would make a good episode, but what do people always think of first when pondering which they’d like to see on TV? Action. This issue has it, on the strawberry battlefield.

Of course it also has all of the other goodies one would expect: goofiness from Amethyst, and zen wisdom from Garnet.

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 210: Monster in the Garden

GC13 and David discuss an episode of Craig of the Creek written and storyboarded by two Steven Universe boarders (Lamar Abrams and Jeff Liu): Monster in the Garden.

It’s about as slice-of-life as a story gets when the main character still traps a monster and earns a favor from the deer goddess. Sometimes trips to your grandparents’ house can be very exciting even if they’re very mundane, we guess.

The important thing is that Craig’s grandmother is right: you should always use chocolate chunks, not chocolate chips.

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Unlocked episodes as of September 22, 2018

Here are the episodes currently unlocked and available to be watched on the app and website without logging in with your cable provider’s information:

  • Room For Ruby
  • Doug Out
  • Earthlings
  • Say Uncle
  • Marble Madness

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 209: Lars’ Head

GC13 and Isabelle discuss the exciting conclusion to the Wanted arc (as well as the exciting premier of zombie Lars), Lars’ Head.

Lars has really come a long way, and this episode shows us that. (Of course this doesn’t make up for us not being shown how he becomes Lars of the Stars, but we can keep hoping for a spinoff.) Now he’s pink, doesn’t seem to need to eat, and places the happiness of the Off Colors over his own—quite a change.

Then, of course, the big question: what do you hope for Lars to sing one day?

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