Save the Light release date: Oct 31 for PS4, Nov 3 for XBOX

Yes, that’s right: Cartoon Network has finally announced the release date for Grumpyface’s second Steven Universe game (and first Steven Universe console game): Save the Light.

It will come to Playstation 4 on October 31, and will hit XBox One on November 3.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 160: The Dewey Wins preview

GC13, Sophia, Isabelle, and David discuss the preview for the next episode Dewey Wins, that was premiered at New York Comic Con (with a stated release date of Winter).

If you haven’t seen the episode preview we covered it here. The discussion is (as one might expect) full of spoilers for the first two minutes of the episode, as well as speculation about what the rest of the episode could be like to earn a title like Dewey Wins from a Dewey-less beginning.

Trivia night is next week, so if you have any suggestions for trivia questions about Steven Universe episodes tell them to us!

Also, how full will the Lunar Sea Spire salt jar end up before the hiatus ends?

Steven Universe air times for October 9-15, 2017

Re-runs were scheduled for Sunday but have since been removed.

Preview for Dewey Wins

We may have to wait until winter to see it, but Cartoon Network has posted the preview for Dewey Wins to YouTube for your viewing and hyping pleasure.

New episodes will premier in “Winter”

The Steven Universe panel at New York Comic Con happened this morning, and in addition to a clip from Dewey Wins showing what happens after Steven’s return to Earth a release date was uttered: this winter.

It’s not the most precise release date, nor is it particularly imminent.

Looking at the release dates of Steven Universe episodes in the past:

  • The show has aired a lot in October, but that definitely isn’t winter.
  • The show premiered in November 2013 and aired several episodes in November 2014, but since then has only aired Gem Harvest in November 2016. Also, November isn’t winter either.
  • Only three episodes have aired in December, once each in 2013, 2014, and 2016.
  • January 2014 and 2015 aired several episodes, January 2016 gave us a bomb, and the end of January 2017 heralded the arrival of the Out of This World bomb.
  • February is usually a great month for getting new Steven Universe episodes, with only 2016 being skipped (presumably to build up to that summer’s Steven Nuke, since March and April were both also skipped).

They can always change things up, especially since we are currently in the longest break in premiers in the show’s history, but assuming they stick to their old habits we could easily be waiting until January to see Dewey Wins and what comes next.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 159: Too Cool For School

GC13, Sophia, and David discuss the first graphic novel for Steven Universe, Too Cool For School.

Whether Steven’s first moments in school were cute or not, it seems that by the second day he found himself in his element (that is to say: a monster attack). He’s also surprisingly capable at taking tests in a mystery subject, despite never having attended class.

This graphic novel really feels like an episode though. Hopefully the next graphic novel, Anti-Gravity, will be at least as good.

The podcast will be having trivia night soon! If you have any trivia questions about the show you’d like to hear asked, please submit them to the podcast’s Tumblr account. Our first trivia night was way back in episode 62 if you’d like to listen.

Steven Universe air times for October 2-8, 2017

All times are EDT.

6:00 AM: Three Gems and a Baby
6:15 AM: Steven’s Dream
6:30 AM: Adventures in Light Distortion
6:45 AM: Gem Heist

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 158: The Steven Universe art book

GC13, Sophia, and David talk about Steven Universe: Art and Origins.

For an art book there’s a lot of text (that would be where the “Origins” in the name comes from), which kind of steals the show. Yes, the art is absolutely gorgeous, but the behind-the-scenes looks at the show are a must for any fan of the series.

It can be hard to tell if some concepts are still where the show is headed. Most importantly: is that what the Cluster would actually look like were it to take its form? (Obviously it would be much larger, but Peridot teased us about its appearance and we just have to know.)

Hurrah for good merchandise though! If you haven’t bought the art book by now, you should definitely get yourself a copy.

Steven Universe air times for September 25 – October 1, 2017

All times are EDT.

Sunday: Wanted
6:00 AM: Stuck Together
6:15 AM: The Trial
6:30 AM: Off Colors
6:45 AM: Lars’ Head

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 157: The 20,000-year timeline of Steven Universe

GC13 and David open up the art book (to page 105!) to talk about the timeline that covers 20,000 years of the past and future of the Gem Homeworld and Earth.

No, we don’t know what’s on it. We don’t even know how much of it is past and how much of it is future. Apparently though, Homeworld is indeed a young empire (as far as star empires go, anyway).

More bits from this timeline are sure to make their way into episodes as the series goes on, especially as we learn more about Homeworld. Still, there’s no guarantee that when all is said and done we’ll know everything, since some pieces of lore don’t make for interesting stories.

Hopefully we’ll get it some day. Yes, one can hope.