The HBO Max Purge: The Losses of Summer Camp Island, Infinity Train, Mao Mao, and OK KO

I don’t normally do news, but I couldn’t keep quiet about this. HBO Max has purged a lot of their animated shows, including fan favorites like Summer Camp Island, Infinity Train, Mao Mao, and OK KO. They’re gone now, apparently headed for a tax write off. Maybe they’ll stay available on Prime Video, maybe they won’t, but so much for HBO Max.

You’re all sad, and I’m sad too. Summer Camp Island’s sixth season will eventually air on Cartoon Network, this much we know, but what happens after that? And Infinity Train, Mao Mao, and OK KO have already been cut short by executives past; their time has already gone. All of these shows are gone from HBO Max, and are in the process of being scrubbed from company sites, but let’s hope they linger at least somewhere.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 414: Family Fishing Trip and Bizarre Bazaar (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Family Fishing Trip and Bizarre Bazaar from Amphibia.

A family-building episode, and a plot-advancing episode. Oh so slowly, anyway. Maybe as slowly as Anne is picking up parasailing. At least she has Sprig to show her how it’s done, and to maybe accidentally try to kill Sylvia. Whoops.

So Hop Pop is actually a terrific actor. He had the entire bazaar eating out of the palm of his hand. But not the hand he had the blue shell in. That would be dangerous. And unbalanced.

There Was No Pearl Swap: One of Steven Universe’s Most Popular Theories

You can’t be blamed for watching Steven Universe and thinking that, just maybe, Pearl used to belong to White Diamond. A white-skinned Gem with her gem in her forehead? What does Steven Universe want you to think, anyway?

Well, White Diamond doesn’t need a Pearl to feel superior to; the only reason she ended up with one was to punish Pink, and to give her a more sensible one—that is to say, one that was just as rigid as she was. It’s a good thing for Steven Universe that White failed on that one too, because Pearl turned out to be more than she could have ever imagined.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 413: Enchanting Grom Fright (from The Owl House)

GC13, Soren, and David return to season one of The Owl House to discuss Enchanting Grom Fright.

Well, here it was: accidental Lumity. Accidental on Luz’s part, anyway—Amity enjoyed what she got. Luz even got to bring out her otter with a dark side for picture time, though the photo never made it into the episode proper.

And don’t forget: the origin of the tree. You know the one. From Reaching Out. We’ll get there, we promise.

Cartoon Network July 2022 Ratings Report

July was a rare month for modern Cartoon Network, because we got the premiers of not two but THREE cartoons! Craig of the Creek, We Baby Bears, and Total Dramarama all premiered new episodes, and we also got a re-run rating for Craig of the Creek.

That’s not all though: we got the ratings for four movies premiered by Cartoon Network in July: Gulliver’s Travels, Men in Black 3, The Book of Life, and Tooth Fairy.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 412: Escaping Expulsion (from The Owl House)

GC13 and Soren discuss Escaping Expulsion, continuing with The Owl House’s second season.

Well, we’ve officially met Odalia, and she’s just as wonderful as we thought she was. At least she’s no liar: the Abomaton really won’t stop going until it’s killed Luz. And since Luz has to finish the presentation to get her friends back into Hexside… Yeah, she probably should have asked some followup questions.

Next week we’ll be whipping back to season one, so look forward to that!

From Rule Ghoul to Rebel: Principal Bump Learns a Lesson From The Owl House

The Owl House gave Principal Bump a… Let’s say memorable introduction. Starting out wanting to dissect Luz for pretending to be an abomination, The Owl House revealed him to be a surprisingly merciful principal—provided a witch was willing to hocus-focus, of course.

Then, in season two, he goes all-in. Oh sure, it starts with multi-track studies, but we all know that road ends with attacking the Emperor’s minions. Principal Bump pulls no punches, and neither does The Owl House.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 411: Separate Tides (from The Owl House)

GC13 and Soren discuss Separate Tides from The Owl House.

No, don’t adjust your browsing device, we have skipped ahead four episodes to the start of The Owl House’s second season. We want to discuss the last episodes of season one with David, so we skip for now.

And what a skip it is. If you’ve already watched The Owl House then you know how much changes after season one, and even if you haven’t then you’ve probably figured that out already given how much foreknowledge we use when discussing the show.

Are They or Aren’t They? Amphibia Plays Games in A Night at the Inn

I can’t be the only one to have seen this so many times: characters who seem nice, the main character thinks are evil, but really are nice. Well that’s not what Amphibia did with A Night at the Inn: those nice-seeming characters are definitely evil, just like you’d expect. But Amphibia likes to have its fun, so A Night at the Inn toys with us first.

After its cards are on the table though… Well, never let it be said that Amphibia doesn’t give satisfying endings. Vengeance, thy name is Anne.

Lunar Sea Spire episode 410: Understanding Willow (from The Owl House)

GC13, Soren, and David discuss Understanding Willow from The Owl House.

Remember, when your friend falls ill at school, it’s important that you take them straight home without going to the school nurse at all—the school nurse probably isn’t a criminal willing to perform illegal medical procedures.

Also, consider this a reminder that forming parasocial relationships isn’t healthy. If you have to turn yourself into an open source intelligence analyst to compile information about a celebrity, they might want to keep their private life private.