Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 177: Lion 4: Alternate Ending

GC13 and David go back to the retrospective episode discussions to talk about the beginning of another bomb: Lion 4: Alternate Ending.

Anagrams are fun, and Steven may not have been on the right path; did Rose eat Steven’s fry bits?

Plus, like some sort of Sphinx, Lion is mysterious—terribly mysterious. We’re still unsure of exactly where he came from, or why he didn’t warp directly to Rose’s garbage dump with the ominous pink space ship.

Plus, what exactly is inside the treasure chest in his mane?

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Unlocked episodes for February 3-9, 2018

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  • Lars of the Stars
  • Jungle Moon
  • Greg the Babysitter
  • Sworn to the Sword
  • We Need to Talk

Season one DVD is out today

The Region 1 DVD for season one of Steven Universe is out today! It has an MSRP of $20 and has most of season one (though Story For Steven and Shirt Club are left out in favor of Full Disclosure and Joy Ride).

In addition to the fifty-two episodes of ( mostly) season one, there are some special features, heavily focused on music but also including animatics for five episodes.

Unfortunately while the listing on Amazon indicates there are commentaries on the disc, there are none.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 176: The Craig of the Creek pilot

GC13 and Sophia discuss the pilot for Matt Burnett and Ben Levin’s new series: Craig of the Creek.

It’s a setup that will be familiar to fans of Ed, Edd, and Eddy: a neighborhood of kids out playing. Except this time with an imagined fantasy settling and a lot of self-narration.

The show will be airing this year, so make sure to check it out and see what these Steven Universe alumni have been making!

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  • Kevin Party

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  • Lars of the Stars
  • Jungle Moon
  • Onion Friend

New episodes to appear in April

According to Hulu Steven Universe will begin airing new episodes again in April, 2018.

Yes, it’s a long time to wait.

Yes, plans can always change—for better or worse.

At least Cartoon Network has (indirectly) spoken, and we can await new episodes like sleeping tigers (who are probably not millionaires).

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 175: Anti-Gravity

GC13 and David discuss Steven Universe’s second graphic novel: Anti-Gravity.

In this second graphic novel apparently the comic team felt like introducing some interesting tidbits about Gems. Of course they also heavily featured Ronaldo, which may make some people happy and others less so.

There are other Gem satellites out there, somewhere. Could the show take us to one some day, or will they forever be comic-only?

No air times scheduled for January 22-28, 2018