Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 491: The Metaphysical Reserve (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss The Metaphysical Reserve from Summer Camp Island.

The metaphysical reserve is a very mysterious place, but there’s no mystery to Susie: she wants love and adoration, and as long as she’s in the metaphysical reserve she’ll get it. It’s really too bad about the whole fossilization thing…

But reality keeps intruding on Susie in her fantasy of a past she couldn’t have, including two animals who should remind you a lot of a pair of Rascals. Just what’s going on here? Will we ever know?

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 490: The Last Witch (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss The Last Witch from Summer Camp Island.

Susie has a very complicated spell that just came to her (as if in a dream), but unfortunately it’s going to require the witches to go into a trance one by one to keep it going. Except for Hedgehog, of course, who’s responsible for Susie’s safe return when there are no witches left.

Things look dark, but the babies go marching to Hedgehog’s aid! Where do you stand on the lyrics? Either way it wonderful song.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 489: Storybook Susie (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Storybook Susie from Summer Camp Island.

It’s finally time that Susie’s coven knows the full story: not only did Mildred turn hands into feet, she also drank Susie’s immortality potion. Because she’s her sister!

But this isn’t an anniversary, because Susie has decided it’s time to try to reach Mildred: in the Metaphysical Reserve! (Are you sure about that one Susie? Your coven seems worried. Maybe see if Bassoon can give you a second opinion?)

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 488: Go Get Our Girls (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Go Get Our Girls from Summer Camp Island.

It’s one of the greatest mysteries since the introduction of the coven: where did the coven go? We knew they were on the island immediately before the campers appeared, then they vanished.

Well they didn’t go off to a summer camp of their own, but they did have a summer vacation of their own, in a wonderful slow globe of Pittsburgh. Without knowing. Thankfully Oscar was there to break the news to them with great care and tact.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 487: The Three Grrs (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss The Three Grrs from Summer Camp Island.

It’s an episode about a bunch of jesters doing fun bits with banana peels for the king, what could possibly be depressing about that? Leave it to Oscar, he’ll surely find a way.

But thankfully the king isn’t an “off with his head!” kind of monarch. Even if Oscar doesn’t make him laugh once, even if Oscar bums him out a little, the king is still there with good advice. And remember everyone: self-care is important. You can’t take care of anyone if you can’t take care of yourself.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 486: Miracle Rabbit (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Miracle Rabbit from Summer Camp Island.

Each week adds even more fuel to the plot train. Ramona takes Oscar on a trip all the way to the Moon in order to meet the eponymous Miracle Rabbit to get a potion to deal with the tornado on Susie’s neck—and he does seem like a guy who knows a thing or two about fighting his emotions.

Thankfully Oscar and Ramona aren’t trapped forever, but now Oscar is on his way to the aliens’ planet with Moonbeam. Surely this will be an emotionally light adventure.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 485: The Hits (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss The Hits from Summer Camp Island.

After a tornado sweeps through the island, Barb and the King have a bad feeling and so inspect “the hits”: the Rascals, the Spotted Bears, the ferns, and the magic diamond. Unfortunately Oscar’s been on a bit of a barber binge, and he’s not too happy to hear his work criticized.

But even if his trims aren’t ones someone might get on a whim, he does great work—especially with that wig! We’re definitely in plot country though: here there be story arcs.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 484: Pepper’s Funeral (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss Pepper’s Funeral from Summer Camp Island.

Oh Pepper, we hardly knew you. Wait, what? He’s just officiating the funeral? That’s a relief. Thank goodness these episode titles didn’t leak—that really would have send the fandom into a tizzy, wouldn’t it have?

Were you waiting for the story to kick in? Because Pepper’s Funeral begins the story arc, and once we’re on this tornado it’s not stopping until it’s destroyed our hearts. Maybe.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 483: See Bees? Gee! Bees! (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss See Bees? Gee! Bees! from Summer Camp Island.

Oscar has a lot of dedication to his pursuit of enlightenment to spend three weeks walking a garden path 9,999 times. But he has even more dedication to his friend Hedgehog to turn down enlightenment (and probably a very cushy monastery job)  to be with her instead.

Of course it’s an episode about rebellion against authority, and Hedgehog would never exercise authority against Oscar. (Unless he bad-boyed some bananas, but the future gets tricky.)

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 482: If I Only Had a Wand (from Summer Camp Island)

GC13 and David discuss If I Only Had a Wand from Summer Camp Island.

If any time spent with Hedgehog’s mother is depressing, then what does it say about this episode that has by far the most screen time for her?

But as mean as she is to Hedgehog, she’s doing it all for a reason. She clearly has regrets about not going as far as she could have in life, but perhaps there’s even more to it than that? We learn that Hedgehog’s grandmother was prone to magical thinking and gardening. There may not have been any magic, but deep down they still want to be witches.