Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 203: Harmony #1

GC13 and David discuss the first issue of the Harmony miniseries.

While we’re no closer to knowing for sure whether the comic ties in to the movie, we at least got to see the early stages of the effects the harmony core can have. We also got a new Sadie Killer song, in comic form. We also got Peridot making the most convincing argument in favor of Rock’s inherent superiority in the ancient game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

The next issue of Harmony comes out on September 5, so look for it then.

Steven Universe air times for August 6-12, 2018 (1.25 hours)

All times are EDT.

6:00 AM: Super Watermelon Island

6:00 AM: Gem Drill

6:00 AM: Same Old World

6:00 AM: Barn Mates

6:00 AM: Hit the Diamond

Save the Light officially announced for Nintendo Switch

They told us another announcement was coming when they told us about the PC release, and the second announcement has finally come: Save the Light will be coming to the Nintendo Switch—available as a physical release, no less!

Plus, as an added bit of excitement, that physical release will be bundled with the OK KO game, Let’s Play Heroes.

The physical bundle will be available not just for the Switch, but for the Playstation 4 and the XBox One as well.

If you prefer it digitally that option will remain, and the game will remain unbundled on the digital shops.

Harmony #1 is out today

The first of five issues of the new Steven Universe comic miniseries, Harmony, has released today.

We’ve already covered the preview for issue #1 if you’re curious about what to expect from the comic, both in subject matter and art style.

That is to say: while the main comic series focuses only on the cute slice-of-life stories, Harmony feels a lot more like an episode of the series with both Gem stuff and human stuff (hence the miniseries format, allowing it to focus on telling one story).

If you’re interested, then make sure to check the comic out!

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 202: The Steven Universe movie teaser

GC13 and David discuss the teaser for the upcoming Steven universe movie.

It’s a very short teaser, and it doesn’t do much besides tease, but you can’t deny how well it teases. Without telling us much, it immediately intrigues us.

Of course the red crystal heart immediately brings to mind the upcoming comic miniseries: Harmony. What are the odds that the two aren’t related? Only time will tell.

Our one regret with this podcast episode is not mentioning how a movie would be a great chance to bring back a voiced Opal or Sugilite. Cross your fingers, and never give up hopal.

Steven Universe air times for July 30 – August 5, 2018 (Cartoon Network – 1 hour)

All times are EDT.

Cartoon Network

6:00 AM: The Answer

6:00 AM: Steven’s Birthday

6:00 AM: Message Received

6:00 AM: Log Date 7 15 2


It appears that the Boomerang schedule has been adjusted again and Steven Universe re-runs are no longer being shown. 🙁

Current unlocked episodes

Right now these are the episodes you can currently watch on the Cartoon Network website and app without logging in with a cable provider. It’s the Heart of the Crystal Gems bomb!

  • Now We’re Only Falling Apart
  • What’s Your Problem?
  • The Question
  • Made of Honor
  • Reunited
  • Catch and Release
  • Garnet’s Universe
  • Open Book

As of August 16 this list is still (mostly) going strong. Now We’re Only Falling Apart has been removed, but Garnet’s Universe and Open Book have been added.

On August 17 What’s Your Problem was likewise removed for Catch and Release.

Answer: Pink’s ship is a pair of legs

After Lion 4: Alternate Ending aired we wondered whether the ship at Rose’s desert trash dump, the ship that was most certainly Pink Diamond’s ship, was an arm or a pair of legs. Well, now that Legs From Here to Homeworld has aired we have our answer: Pink Diamond had a leg ship.

However it isn’t as small as the scaling at the time had led us to believe; when Reunited aired the scaling of the Diamonds relative to Blue’s ship and to Lion made it obvious that the ship was a pair of legs. We feel vindicated, however, because everyone in Beach City seems to agree with us that a pair of legs flying around does look silly.

We even learned a bit about the ships in the process. They seem to be totally uncrewed, and due to how they are controlled when Blue raised her arm to summon her ship in Steven’s Dream she was probably actually controlling it rather than just sending a signal to it.

Of course Pink’s ship wasn’t the only Diamond ship revealed during Legs From Here to Homeworld. Back when The Trial aired we got to see a large white body towering over Homeworld; after getting a much better look at it it appears that that wasn’t White Diamond herself, but was actually her ship.

It’s also not just a head, it’s an entire upper body. That makes it seem like it’s set up for a fan theory that’s been popular ever since Blue and Yellow, the two on the middle section of the original Diamond Authority symbol, had arm ships: the merging of the four Diamond ships into one body ship. As Steven Universe does love to reference anime, don’t be surprised if the Diamond Authority has to form Voltron before the series concludes.

So the series has revealed the answer to another mystery to us. What answers will we get next?

Save the Light coming to PC

The port is finally finished and Grumpyface has finally given us the news: Save the Light will soon be available on Steam!

Of course there’s another announcement coming up, and since this PC port has been announced it seems very likely that the Switch port accidentally revealed earlier this month will be coming too.

If you haven’t played Save the Light because it wasn’t on your platform of choice, get ready to play!

Official teaser for the Steven Universe movie

Yes, with all of the hype about Legs From Here to Homeworld finally starting to die down, it’s time to talk about another big information drop from SDCC: Steven Universe will be getting a TV movie!

Based off of the official teaser Cartoon Network revealed at the convention and has since posted online, which heavily features what looks like an active harmony core, we can only assume that it will tie into the Harmony miniseries, placing it not long after Sadie Killer in the show’s timeline.

If you still haven’t seen the teaser, here it is: