No air times for April 15-21, 2019

New art book announced: The Art of Steven Universe The Movie

Yesterday Dark Horse announced an art book that would be accompanying the Steven Universe movie.

No, unfortunately the announcement doesn’t contain anything juicy. We still don’t know what’s coming up in the movie, or even when it (or the art book) will be out.

What we do know, however, is that the art book will be a softcover (zine-like) with 96 pages and retail for $20.

Volume 2 of the soundtrack is out today

The day is finally here: the release of the second volume of the soundtrack, containing season five’s vocal songs.

Here is the track listing:

  1. The Working Dead
  2. Sadie Killer and the Suspects
  3. G-G-G-Ghost
  4. That Distant Shore
  5. Ruby Rider
  6. For Just One Day Let’s Only Think About (Love)
  7. Familiar
  8. Escapism
  9. Let Me Ska My Van Into Your Heart
  10. We Are the Crystal Gems (Change Your Mind version)
  11. Change Your Mind
  12. Love Like You (Reprise)

The soundtrack should be making its way to wherever you buy music from very soon, if it isn’t there already.

Unlocked episodes as of April 10, 2019

Here’s what’s currently available on the Cartoon Network website and app without logging in with a cable provider:

  • Room For Ruby
  • Super Watermelon Island
  • Hit the Diamond
  • Friend Ship
  • Steven’s Lion

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 238: We Messed Up

GC13 and David discuss We Messed Up, the OK K.O.! episode featuring the disappointment cannon and the first use of the vague flashback.

The bodega knaves are pretty wascally, and while Mr. Gar is keen to get back to his office he’s not above a bit of distraction. Carol also takes things in stride, if for no other reason than to take a cute picture of her son. And to save him and his friends from their boss.

Wow, they were really right to worry about disappointing Gar though. Seriously: don’t disappoint him.

No air times for April 8-14, 2019

Unlocked episodes as of April 2, 2019

Here’s what you can watch on the Cartoon Network website and app without logging in with a cable provider:

  • Know Your Fusion
  • Are You My Dad?
  • It Could’ve Been Great
  • Onion Friend
  • Tiger Millionaire

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 237: Fusion Frenzy #1

GC13 and David discuss the five fusion stories contained within Fusion Frenzy #1.

Awesome Stevonnie outfit? Check. Garnet backstory? Check. Smoky Quartz angst? Check. Opal? Check. Thoughtful discussions about Sugilite? Check.

Comics are the one place where fusions can run free, never having to worry about royalty checks to their voice actresses, so we’re glad to have received Fusion Frenzy #1. Hopefully some day Fusion Frenzy stops being a one-shot and they make a Fusion Frenzy #2.

No air times for April 1-7, 2019

Change Your Mind companion book coming out October 29, 2019

A new Steven Universe book, much like the companion to The Answer, will be published by Abrams Books this October.

Written by Rebecca Sugar herself and illustrated by Elle Michalka (one of the illustrators on the “The Answer” book) and Angie Wang (a designer on the show), it will tie in to¬†Change Your Mind, looking at Pink’s flight from Homeworld and her life as Rose Quartz.

With the season promising not just the Steven Universe movie but another book, Fall has never seemed so far away. When we finally get our hands on it the book will come out on October 29 with an MSRP of $15.