Steven Universe air times for November 20-26, 2017

No episodes are set to air this week.

Season one DVD set to be released January 30, 2018

Overly Animated has come out with the good news: on January 30 season one of Steven Universe will see a DVD release in the United States with an MSRP of $25.

Oddly enough the episode order has been partially but not completely corrected; Open Book will be in with season one as originally intended, but Full Disclosure and Joy Ride have been moved to join season one while Shirt Club and Story for Steven will be in season two. Say Uncle is also being kept in season two.

The DVD release will also come with goodies: animatics and commentary tracks being especially welcome, but there’s more than just that.

Currently only a DVD release has been announced, but we can cross our fingers and hope for Blu-ray to eventually follow.

Answer: The damage from a kindergarten is permanent

Green grass on the left, dead grass on the right.

This one was only ever kind of a mystery. With the airing of Log Date 7 15 2 we concluded that Gems had to consume some kind of life force from a world to create more of their own kind. Heck, right after we first saw the kindergarten in On the Run we figured as much.

Still, it was great to hear the show make it explicit, clearly solving the mystery: in Back to the Kindergarten Peridot explained how “formless, aimless energy” was used to create gems; when the resulting Gems leave the kindergarten, they take that energy (and all of the wonderful things it sustains) with them.

Later in the episode we see it demonstrated: it’s not that the soil in the kindergarten is bad, because the sunflowers die despite fresh soil being brought in. There’s an energy that life needs to exist, but the kindergarten doesn’t have any anymore—the Amethysts that were made in the kindergarten have it now.

It might be possible to nitpick and say that not enough sunlight would reach the sunflowers in the canyon for them to survive, but the intent of the episode is obvious: explaining to the viewer how the kindergarten works. Besides, two things should be kept in mind: Peridot knows a fair bit about plants, and the sunflowers likely shriveled up and died in a single day.

So that means we know for sure now: gems use some kind of life force as a power source. This is what allows a Gem to live for thousands of years without ever needing any sort of energy input (with many apologies to the laws of physics), and this is what keeps the kindergarten so devoid of life even thousands of years after the injectors were deactivated when the Earth has long since reclaimed other Gem construction sites.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 165: The November 10 episodes (Steven Torpedo 1?)

GC13, Isabelle, Sophia, and David talk about the latest batch of episodes.

It’s a nice little story arc, if one that has plenty of sad moments in it. It even has valuable life lessons for kids, even if the lessons do come out to the fore of the episodes sometimes rather than running deeper.

Still, with so much changing in Beach City in just six episodes, it makes you wonder where the show will go from here.

Also, they’re six episodes at once, but they didn’t air on TV. Does that make this a Steven Torpedo?

Steven Universe air times for November 13-19, 2017

No episodes are scheduled for this week.

The new episodes are unlocked on the app

As promised, anyone may view the six new episodes without logging in to the app. Just make sure to hit View All Shows after the app generates your mix, then make your way back to Steven Universe and you should find them ready for you to see.

The episodes are up early for those who can login

While the new episodes will be available to all on the app starting on Friday evening, they are currently available on the app and on’s video section for anyone with login information right now.

New episodes go live on November 10 at 6 PM EST, no login required

Cartoon Network has given us a time for the unlocking of the episodes on the app: 6 PM EST.

More than that, they’ve given us great news: no login will be required to see the episodes! Anyone with the app will be able to watch the new episodes, so make sure you do and enjoy!

Titles and synopses for tomorrow’s episodes revealed

This is your regular reminder that new episodes will be on the app tomorrow, November 10.

There’s more than that, however! Yesterday Zap2It updated the episode guide for Steven Universe to include the six incoming episodes, giving us titles and descriptions for what’s coming next. If you want to see what’s coming, then press that “Continue reading” button to see:

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Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 164: The November 10 preview

GC13, Isabelle, Sophia, and David discuss the preview for the episodes Cartoon Network will be putting up on its app on November 10.

It’s a minute of preview but there’s plenty to talk about, whether it’s worrying about the challenge to Dewey’s possession of the mayorship (the scent of “Dewey Defeats Truman” wafts in the air), gushing over Sadie’s musical debut, or simply wondering what Lapis and Peridot’s deal is.

We won’t have to wait long to find out. The episodes release on November 10!