Can’t Go Back and A Single Pale Rose unlocked on the app again

The latest change to the unlocked episodes on the website and app was to remove two of the available episodes so the most recent episodes could be unlocked:

  • Can’t Go Back
  • A Single Pale Rose

If you want to watch them again you can now view them without logging in with a cable provider.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 193: Why Pink Diamond Theory was so convincing

GC13 discusses why, even as the theory was shunned by the majority of vocal users, he was convinced that Rose was Pink Diamond well before A Single Pale Rose aired.

There were hints scattered through the series, even in Sworn to the Sword which was the first indication that there was Pink Diamond (though people had been calling for it even before then).

There were also some really intense bits that would only make sense in retrospect, but this is all about the evidence (even things that seemed to be evidence but turned out not to be).

Also, while GC13 assures everyone that the episode length was an accident, he also assures everyone that it’s oh so fitting and he wishes it was intentional.

Steven Universe air times for May 28 – June 3, 2018 (Cartoon Network – 1 hour, Boomerang – 2 hours)

All times are EDT.

Cartoon Network

6:00 AM: Island Adventure

6:00 AM: Keep Beach City Weird

6:00 AM: Fusion Cuisine

6:00 AM: Garnet’s Universe

The schedule was changed to give Steven Universe an hour of re-runs on the main channel.


9:00 PM: Gem Glow
9:15 PM: Laser Light Cannon
9:30 PM: Cheeseburger Backpack
9:45 PM: Together Breakfast

9:00 PM: Cat Fingers
9:15 PM: Frybo
9:30 PM: Bubble Buddies
9:45 PM: Serious Steven

Steven Universe re-runs added to Boomerang weekend schedule

According to @nickandmore, we will have a new venue to see re-runs of Steven Universe. Weekends on Boomerang starting next week will include an hour of Steven Universe from 9 PM to 10 PM eastern time.

So to anyone who was considering getting Boomerang or who already has Boomerang: two hours a week of Steven Universe is now on the channel’s schedule.

Answer: Rose was Pink Diamond

Be honest, it was foreshadowed pretty heavily.

We never put forth the question of whether Rose could be Pink Diamond because even very early on we considered it highly likely that she was, though back then Chille Tid was the most recent episode and all we had to go on was the significance of Rose to the series backstory and a nagging sense that Steven was being treated like the son of royalty. As time went on and evidence mounted we just became more sure that we had been right to pick up those hints.

Consider just how many different magical powers Rose Quartz had versus what Jasper (the ultimate quartz, remember) had (that is to say: a variety of powers for Rose, while Jasper was just really strong).

This isn’t an exhaustive look at the foreshadowing in the series, but the revelation really does make a lot of things look very different; even Cookie Cat with its two ice cream flavors, pink-colored strawberry and more flesh-colored vanilla, makes one wonder just how much was meant to be hinting at the possibility.

A very common counter-theory to the idea that Rose was Pink Diamond was that the coming twist (for it couldn’t really be so simple that Rose rebelled and shattered Pink Diamond as everyone thought) was that Pearl had in fact shattered Pink Diamond and Rose took the blame; people even surmised that Pearl no longer shapeshifted because of how she felt after taking Rose’s form to shatter Pink Diamond—apparently correctly, by the way.

It was also interesting to see that Pink shapeshifted into Rose Quartz (presumably until Pearl poofed her, after which she could take her Rose Quartz form permanently) rather than having to body swap to do it. Certainly nobody expected to learn, this late in the series, that it is somehow possible for a Gem to reorient her gem when she shapeshifts, but if anyone could do it a Diamond surely could (remember all of the other non-quartzlike powers Rose had).

So there it is: the answer to one of the biggest questions the series has posed. How is everyone doing going back and re-examining the series for more vague possible hints? Cookie Cat will probably be tough to top.

More unlocked episodes

The episodes available on the website and app without logging in with a cable provider have been changed. Now here’s what you have to watch freely:

  • The Big Show
  • Pool Hopping
  • Letters to Lars
  • Catch and Release
  • Back to the Barn
  • Can’t Go Back
  • A Single Pale Rose
  • House Guest

After a week Catch and Release and Back to the Barn were removed and Can’t Go Back and A Single Pale Rose unlocked in their place.

A week later Letters to Lars was removed so House Guest could be added.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 192: The Drawn Podcast spoilers

GC13 and Isabelle discuss the spoilers from the original version of the promo video for episode one of the Drawn Podcast.

In case you are unfamiliar with the spoilers, we discuss their existence (without saying what they are!) in Advanced Spoilers and You, and you can find a clip of just the important spoilers on Reddit here.

So this is your last call. If you want to remain unspoiled, then stay in your bunker until the end of the season. If you know what awaits us, however, then join us.

Steven Universe air times for May 21-27, 2018

All times are EDT.

6:00 AM: Mirror Gem

6:00 AM: Ocean Gem

6:00 AM: House Guest

6:00 AM: Space Race

6:00 AM: Secret Team

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 191: Can’t Go Back and A Single Pale Rose

GC13, Sophia, David, and Isabelle discuss the latest episodes: Can’t Go Back and A Single Pale Rose.

What time is it? It’s spoiler time! If you haven’t seen the episodes, then what are you still doing here?!? There are going to be tons of spoilers in this podcast, for crying out loud! (Especially about A Single Pale Rose which definitely stole the spotlight.) Watch out for spoilers on the rest of the site in the future.

And speaking of spoilers, next week will have lots of spoilers for episodes that haven’t even aired yet! Be excited or beware!

A new batch of unlocked episodes

Cartoon Network has whimsically changed the episodes available on the website and the app without logging in with a cable provider. Here’s the current rotation. How long this one lasts, no one knows.

  • The Big Show
  • Pool Hopping
  • Bismuth
  • Beta
  • Back to the Moon

Your Mother and Mine was initially on the list but has been replaced with Pool Hopping.