Stacks: More Than Just Craig of the Creek’s Librarian

While Craig of the Creek is an outdoor series, it still makes time for indoor kids like Stacks. Except… Stacks isn’t just an indoor kid, is she? Sure, her initial episodes focus on what she can do inside a library, but later episodes of Craig of the Creek see her venture out into the creek for quests most noble.

So let’s celebrate Stacks! Craig of the Creek wouldn’t be the same without her, and the Herkleton Public Library wouldn’t be either.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 318: Age of Hinobi

GC13 and David discuss Age of Hinobi, the first episode of Glitch Techs.

It’s an episode with a lot to do, so it makes sense that it’s double-length. We meet Five (who you might hear called “Hector” a lot during this discussion) and Miko, we meet the Glitch Techs, and we meet… Mitch.

Even with all of the extra time it’s still a lot to take in, but Glitch Techs has begun and it’s now Hinobi’s time to shine.

This episode of the podcast is also available on YouTube.

Mao Mao and Badgerclops: Legendary Heroes

Mao Mao and Badgerclops have their silly moments. If you look at what they’re capable of, however, you’d see that if they didn’t let themselves become complacent they’d breeze through most foes in the show. Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart just hasn’t thrown anything at our heroes that they couldn’t handle if they just focused.

Mao Mao has skill and finesse; Badgerclops has pure power; Adorabat is coming into her own as a hero, and offers great backup. Together, the Pure Heart Valley’s Sheriffs Department is up to the test.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 317: The Truth Stinks

GC13 and David discuss The Truth Stinks from Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart.

Yes, Badgerclops stinks. No, we’re not jealous of his crystals. You and we all know he just hates taking showers.

If it ever turns out that the Ruby Pure Heart is responsible for the shifting roles of Mao Mao and Badgerclops, who seem to routinely hand off the title of “the sane one” to one another, we’ll be pleased.

This episode of the podcast is also available on YouTube.

Redeeming the Irredeemable: Infinity Train and Steven Universe

With the release of book three Infinity Train has finally reformed its first villain. It’s a great milestone, but Steven Universe has been reforming villains for a long time. The greatest redemption in all of Steven Universe is undoubtedly the Diamonds, especially Blue and Yellow.

So, let’s compare them to Grace, Infinity Train’s offering. It turns out that when it comes to villain redemption, Steven Universe and Infinity Train really have a lot in common.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 316: Fuzzy Pink Time Babies

GC13 and David discuss the mid-season pre-finale of Summer Camp Island: Fuzzy Pink Time Babies.

The introduction of Ramona. What more could you ask for? A free trip to business camp? Sure, if retirement is what you dream about.

Meanwhile, Oscar and Hedgehog invent their magnum opus in frozen time. Who said time freezing had to get weird?

This episode of the podcast is also available on YouTube.

Cartoon Network September 2020 Ratings Report

Cartoon Network premiered new episodes for five shows in September, as well as the We Bare Bears movie. Ratings were… Not good. The movie got 458k viewers, Total Dramarama got 278k, Ben 10 got 203k, Ninjago got 181k, DC Super Hero Girls got 141k, and Bakugan got 139k.

Here’s to hoping that ratings pick up in October, but HBO Max looks to be Cartoon Network’s focus and it’s showing in the ratings.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 315: Pencil Break Mania

GC13 and David discuss the final form of Craig of the Creek: Pencil Break Mania.

Yes, it’s a wrestling episode. No, we don’t know how Matt and Ben were able to wait so long to put one into the show, we’re just glad it finally came.

Will we ever see the WCPBF title defended by JP again? Are you looking forward to J.P. Philanthropist airing in three years?

This episode of the podcast is also available on YouTube.

Phil is the Birthday Ruiner: A Glitch Techs Theory

If Glitch Techs has a birthday ruiner, then surely Ralphie Bear is Back made it clear that it would be Miko, right? We know that she attacked Ralphie on the night of his last performance, after all.

What if I told you that Phil, the leader of our intrepid Glitch Techs, looked mighty suspicious through that entire episode? What if I told you that he even looked… Guilty.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 314: Weapon of Choice

GC13 discusses Weapon of Choice from Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart.

Mao Mao is a show full of morals. While there might be some deeper moral in the episode, I think the most important thing Weapon of Choice has to say is this: any time the Sky Pirates are kicking your butt, re-evaluate what you’re doing.

At least Boss Hosstrich was finally able to put his Finger Lickin’ Butt Kickin’ to good use!

This episode of the podcast is also available on YouTube.