Yes, There Are Villains in Steven Universe

“There are no true villains in Steven Universe.” You’ve heard that, right? You’ve probably even heard that Rebecca Sugar said it. But she didn’t. Steven Universe has villains, and it’s pretty self-evident that it does. But why do people think it’s not supposed to?

It’s all because of a big game of Telephone that people have this misconception about Steven Universe and its villains. Always check the source, people!

If you want to read the article where Ms. Sugar mentioned the lack of iconic villains in Steven Universe, Gizmodo still has it up.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 362: Jeremiah

GC13 and David discuss Jeremiah from Summer Camp Island.

Oscar, the camper with the most telepathically intrudable mind, just so happened to stumble on one of Susie’s magical artifacts that preys on weakness. What are the odds? Yep, Susie probably should have brought in Hedgehog for this one. All’s well that ends well though.

Do you think we’ll see Jeremiah again, or do you think his story is done? I think we can all agree though, it’s a good thing he didn’t scream at anyone.

The World of Glitch Techs is a Simulation

Glitch Techs is a cartoon about Miko and Five living every gamer’s dream job, but did you ever stop to wonder why the world they live in was so weird? Why Hinobi’s Glitch Techs have such sophisticated glitches to chase down in the first place? There’s one possibility: the world of Glitch Techs is all one big computer simulation.

Yes, it’s quite a theory (and a conspiracy corner theory at that), but Glitch Techs points at it too many ways for me to sit down and stay silent. Hinobi, I’m on to you!

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 361: BUDS

GC13 and David discuss BUDS from Glitch Techs.

Come on, we can’t be the only ones disappointed we never got to see any gameplay from Burrowing Underground Doppelganger Squad. At least we got to see some Pixel Panic, even if it does seem oddly familiar…

But this is it: the start of Mitch’s redemption. The seeds planted that will one day grow into sympathy for the devil (or at least that one jerk who always hogs all of the XP).

The Best Soul Transferrer on Summer Camp Island: Why Emma is Mildred

It’s time to get back on the Summer Camp Island theory wagon. After thinking a lot about Spirit Balls from season 4, I’ve made a realization: Emma was originally Mildred.

If you don’t remember Mildred then you’re probably not alone: she was only ever mentioned in one episode of Summer Camp Island, called Meeting of the Minds from back in season 2.

Still, Spirit Balls gave us a lot of hints about Emma’s true nature, and I fully believe that through the art of soul transfer Mildred became who we now know as Emma. When Summer Camp Island will reveal this to us I don’t know, so we’ll have to keep watching.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 360: The Emily Ghost Institute For Manners and Magical Etiquette

GC13 and David discuss The Emily Ghost Institute For Manners and Magical Etiquette from Summer Camp Island, and yep: that title is a mouth full.

And we all know how rude it is to talk with your mouth full. Well, except for maybe Oscar. (He’s kind of thick, you see.) At least he didn’t have to eat any knuckle sandwiches, and Hedgehog even got to go to school for a day!

We do have our doubts about the quality of Ms. Ghost’s program though. All we’re saying is, we don’t see witches using very many skylights…

Susie the Immortal Teen: Summer Camp Island’s Head Witch and Her Character Growth

It’s hard to tell by looking at her, but Susie is much older than Ramona. But Ramona is the mature one, even able to handle working with Susie with grace! Something about Susie’s immortality keeps her mentally a teenager as well, not just physically.

While a lot of Susie’s negative traits tie in to her being stuck as a teenager, not all teens are the same, and Susie doesn’t have to stay the same either. She’s becoming a better person (though maybe a little too late for Emma’s liking).

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 359: Ralphie Bear is Back

GC13 and David discuss Ralphie Bear is Back from Glitch Techs.

So, everyone mark “Five Nights at Freddy’s episode” off of your checklist. Jinkies those animatronics are creepy… Thank goodness we have a Birthday Ruiner around to take care of them! Maybe we even have two…

Save all of your money up, and you too can have a robot try to ruin your birthday! At least the prizes at the prize counter actually cost a reasonable amount though. Still a pretty good timeline, even without the Glitch Tech catgirls.

Hilda Season 2 Watchtower Chat, Part One

The Lunar Sea Spire crew finally found the second season of Hilda in their watchlist and decided to get together to share their favorite traumatic and troubling moments. Hilda and friends got into plenty of mischief this season, but some of it wasn’t even Hilda’s fault! The crew laughs over death, deranged elves, and DILFs in the first part of their discussion of Hilda Season 2.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 358: Oscar and His Demon

GC13 and David discuss Oscar and His Demon from Summer Camp Island.

It’s an episode where the strictest standards of silence are upheld. There’s no speaking, no music, and no sounds of wildlife (don’t worry, the woodpeckers are excellent mimes).

Well we say there’s no speaking, but that bit at the end… Oscar’s demon gives voice to some very interesting thoughts. Certainly Summer Camp Island has more to teach us than just the joys of friendship. Remember kids, sometimes it’s important to live a little.