Ridley From Glitch Techs: Having No Friends Better Than The Owl House and The Ghost and Molly McGee

It happens a lot: we meet a character with no friends, only for them to get some fairly early in the series. That’s okay. But when The Owl House tries to tell me that Luz Noceda has no friends, or when The Ghost and Molly McGee tells me Molly is in ANY way nervous about making friends, that’s going too far. It looks like Glitch Techs is going to have to show Disney how it’s done.

And Ridley is easily the character for Glitch Techs to show off. Yes, we the audience love her, but let’s just say that she’s not ready to join the Glitch Techs team yet. Ridley has had a tough time with friendship in the past, and Glitch Techs isn’t afraid to let her show it either.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 401: Lily Pad Thai and Plantar’s Last Stand (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Lily Pad Thai and Plantar’s Last Stand from Amphibia.

Looks like Anne is at it again, and this time Hop-Pop is getting in on the scamming action. Whether you see the connection to Fred Flintstone or not, you have to admit it: the man’s a good actor.

But Anne has also proven her skills in the restaurant industry. Whatever hand your spatula is on, whatever your spatula is made of, you have to salute her. Hopefully nothing bad ever happens here…

Should Susie and Ramona Defy Summer Camp Island’s Prophecy?

Summer Camp Island was founded on a prophecy, one that created a coven of witches with the intent of seeing magic return to the universe again. But is the prophecy really on magic’s side? Magic in Summer Camp Island is all about friendship and positive feelings, so why would the prophecy want to break up the most powerful friendship on the show?

It’s an open question. With the end of Summer Camp Island fast approaching though, we’re going to get our answer: will magic be saved by following the prophecy, or will Summer Camp Island end with Susie and Ramona finally defying the prophecy and saving magic?

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 400: Contagi-Anne and Family Shrub (from Amphibia)

GC13 and David discuss Contagi-Anne and Family Shrub from Amphibia.

And so on our four hundredth episode we return to Frog Show, with Emma Plantar and Polliana: the turnt-up warrior. Truly the Plantar family shrub is impressive. As was the no-twist twist in Contagi-Anne.

We should all hope we have such amazing family lairs hidden in our own secret basements—and that whoever is responsible for scrubbing the pots doesn’t use the same sponge they use for cleaning the bathroom floor.

Cartoon Network April 2022 Ratings Report

April should have been a quiet month for Cartoon Network, with only two shows premiering new episodes, but it wasn’t. No, while Cartoon Network did air Looney Tunes Cartoons and Craig of the Creek, giving us ratings for both, they also aired the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Special, and two things for Sesame Street of all the franchises out there.

But that wasn’t it: Cartoons Network had a bit of an oops, so we’ve got another peek behind the curtain—Nielsen ratings for Craig of the Creek re-runs!

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 399: Adventures in the Elements (from The Owl House)

GC13, Soren, and David discuss Adventures in the Elements from The Owl House.

There’s just something about snowy episodes, isn’t there? Maybe it’s just that there’s no snow in Texas—only Dr. Pepper.

But to stay out of the baby class (for babies) Luz needs to learn how to make ice, and she needs to do it without a training wand. And maybe after she learns it she’ll even be able to take her confident self over to the Slitherbeast’s cave and ask him if he’s still getting royalties from his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back.

How Did No Gem in Steven Universe Realize Rose Quartz Was Pink Diamond?

It was Steven Universe’s biggest reveal: Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond. There were a lot of people who didn’t think it was true, but we’re just humans—what we want to know is how Rose Quartz – or is that Pink Diamond? – was able to fool every Gem she came across too? What if I told you it wasn’t that hard?

Steven Universe is full of Gems, and a lot of them met the rebellious Rose Quartz without realizing she was actually Pink Diamond. Some even fought alongside her, and stood by her son’s side, giving us the Steven Universe we know and love.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 398: Sense and Insensitivity (from The Owl House)

GC13 and Soren discuss Sense and Insensitivity from The Owl House.

Crunch culture is a heck of a thing, isn’t it? If a writer hasn’t come up with a sequel to his bestselling novel in 24 hours, then the levelheaded thing to do is obviously to trap him in a shrinking cube with his co-author and a one-hour death timer.

Or not. We’re not in publishing though, so what do we know? We probably wouldn’t ambush two of the most powerful witches on the isles either.

One Flashback, Two Reveals: How The Owl House Hit Hard With Them’s the Breaks, Kid

The ending of Them’s the Breaks, Kid was, if anything, The Owl House over-booking: not only do we know that Raine has beaten Terra’s mind control, we know that we have at least one highly placed co-conspirator in the fight against Belos. Oh The Owl House, you spoil us sometimes.

Them’s the Breaks, Kid didn’t just tell us about The Owl House’s future though, it also told us about its past: Raine had already beaten Terra’s mind control by the time of Follies at the Coven Day Parade. And we even had time to see what a good mum Terra would have been.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 397: Escape of the Palisman (from The Owl House)

GC13 and Soren discuss Escape of the Palisman from The Owl House.

Who has Hexside pride? Luz does! Even if she spends all of her time walking around in a Glandus shirt. She also cares enough for Owlbert to fight the Bat Queen: the biggest palisman you’ve ever seen! And maybe one of the funniest too.

By the way, if you’ve ever had trouble with your braces, then Soren has definitely felt your pain. But please do wear your retainer as directed, or it will all be for nothing.