Ratings for Wanted

Well people definitely wanted to watch the Wanted event. As a block, Stuck TogetherThe TrialOff Colors, and Lars’ Head were seen by 1,532,000 viewers in its first half and 1,524,000 viewers in its second half.

Steven Universe wasn’t the only Cartoon Network show with a big premiere on Monday. Here’s how the network did:

  1. Steven Universe at 7:00 PM with 1,532,000
  2. Steven Universe at 7:30 PM with 1,524,000
  3. Teen Titans Go! at 6:00 PM with 1,470,000
  4. Ben 10 at 6:10 PM with 1,198,000
  5. Ben 10 at 6:30 PM with 1,129,000

Immediate reaction to Wanted

You’ll have to forgive us if this was a bit slow, we just… We just need a moment. That was intense.

Really Zircon did all a lot of the fun theorizing for us. There’s still a lot to chew on though! I mean, it’s Homeworld. What could be bigger than even a glimpse of Homeworld? How about a glimpse of Homeworld and a bunch more information?

We… Still need some moments.

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 141: The soundtrack (volume one) track list

GC13, Isabelle, and David give us a bit of calm before Wanted airs, discussing the track list of the first volume of the soundtrack (and other soundtrack-related stuff).

It has almost everything. The only big absences are the Little Butler theme and the donut training video song, which are at least partially made up for by the inclusion of Still Not Giving Up from the minisodes.

So of course everyone wants to know if/when we’ll get a volume two. It must certainly contain the show’s instrumental tracks, so everyone’s hoping that happens.

Now all we must do is wait for Wanted. It won’t be long now…

Steven Universe air times for May 29 – June 4, 2017

All times are EDT.

7:00 PM: Stuck Together
7:15 PM: The Trial
7:30 PM: Off Colors
7:45 PM: Lars’ Head

7:00 PM: Stuck Together
7:15 PM: The Trial

7:00 PM: Off Colors

7:00 PM: Lars’ Head

A second preview for the Wanted event

Have you seen this second promo that Cartoon Network has made for the Wanted event on Monday? It will probably become important soon. 🙂


Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 140: StevenBomb 6 (part two)

GC13, Isabelle, and David have the podcast’s second discussion of the sixth Steven Bomb.

How melodramatic did you think the bomb was? Even if you think it was, you can’t deny that Jamie can bring the real drama just as well as he can bring the melodrama.

Characters (and giant fusions) not being animated, the Crystal Heart, and Aquamarine’s voice actress all come up.

And why hasn’t anyone said Doug’s name yet? He’s in the credits, he’s had an episode named after him, but so far he’s just “Dad” or “Mr. Maheswaran”.

Steven Universe air times for May 22-28, 2017

Nothing is scheduled for this week.

Track list for volume one of the official soundtrack

There was an event yesterday where Aivi and Surasshu revealed the track list for volume one of the soundtrack. You can see a recording of it here if you’d like, and enjoy the demos and the nifty anecdotes about the songs.

Pre-orders are open today, and the soundtrack will release on June 2.

As of now, iTunes has the pre-order listed at $15 and Google Play has it listed at $10.

  1. We Are the Crystal Gems (opening theme)
  2. Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart
  3. Cookie Cat
  4. Giant Woman
  5. Strong in the Real Way
  6. Steven and the Stevens
  7. Big Fat Zucchini
  8. Steven and the Crystal Gems
  9. Dear Old Dad
  10. Be Wherever You Are
  11. On the Run
  12. Comet
  13. Destiny
  14. Lapis Lazuli
  15. Wailing Stone
  16. Stronger Than You
  17. Full Disclosure
  18. We Are the Crystal Gems (full theme song)
  19. The Jam Song
  20. Do It For Her
  21. What Can I Do (For You)
  22. Tower of Mistakes
  23. Haven’t You Noticed (I’m A Star)
  24. Something Entirely New
  25. Peace and Love on the Planet Earth
  26. Don’t Cost Nothing
  27. Empire City
  28. Mr. Greg
  29. It’s Over Isn’t It
  30. Both of You
  31. Don’t Cost Nothing (Reprise)
  32. I Think I Need a Little (Change)
  33. Here Comes a Thought
  34. Still Not Giving Up
  35. I Could Never Be (Ready)
  36. What’s the Use of Feeling Blue
  37. Love Like You (End Credits)

Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 139: Wanted hype

GC13 and Sophia get hyped for the Wanted event, coming up on Monday, May 29 (you won’t want to miss it). Since Stuck Together is part of the Wanted event, and has been posted on the Cartoon Network app to build hype, there will be some spoilers for the episode here.

So the Wanted promo has it all: Diamonds, Homeworld, new Gems, and what can only be described as the perfect demonstration of the word “Sadie” being used as a verb. It’s going to be great. The wait will be difficult, but oh so worth it when it’s over.

Also, thank you to everyone who auditioned for the podcast. We have selected David and Isabelle as our winners.

Steven Universe air times for May 15-21, 2017

All times are EDT.

7:00 PM and 7:15 PM: Bismuth

7:00 PM: Beta
7:15 PM: Earthlings

7:00 PM: Back to the Moon
7:15 PM: Bubbled

7:00 PM: Buddy’s Book
7:15 PM: Steven’s Dream

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