Good signs on a return of re-runs

newspapergemsYou know how we had such poor re-runs the past couple of weeks? Well it looks like it was a brief interlude, just like last time. Currently Cartoon Network is showing a schedule that has Steven Universe with half an hour on week nights at 7:30 PM EDT. It’s a recent change, so it hasn’t hit TV Guide or any of the other schedule sites yet, but cross your fingers and hope it sticks.

If the change goes through, we’ll be revisiting some plot-heavy Peridot episodes as well as the season one finale before we get to see Too Far to see us off into the year-end break.


    • 0xalis on October 10, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    So…. does the hiatus mean more old episode podcasts ? 😀 (that’s the only good thing i can think of to come from a hiatus lol)

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