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Pink Diamond’s Character Growth After Volleyball

Just when we thought we knew Pink Diamond’s full character arc, Steven Universe: Future gives us the episode Volleyball to add an even earlier event. What Pink did to hear Pearl was certainly bad, and the scars she left on her lasted for thousands of years, but it’s what started Pink Diamond’s character growth.

As …

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Infinity Train: Book 2 Trailer Discussion

Tulip is nowhere to be seen in the next chapter of Infinity Train, but her doppelgänger M.T. (Mirror Tulip) is still on the run from the law since her debut in “The Chrome Car.” A newly trapped passenger, Jessie, also appears in the latest trailer for Book 2; his past is still unknown to us. …

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Cartoon Network November 2019 Ratings Report

This month it was two showings of Teen Titans Go! that took the top spot for ratings, though Craig of the Creek, Apple and Onion, and Total Dramarama also put up good numbers.

Rick and Morty Season Four is Disappointing So Far

Rick and Morty’s season four has had a rocky start to say the least. Ratings have dropped from the first episode’s peak in an unprecedented way, and it feels like One Flew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty doesn’t care about being funny nearly as much as it cares about bashing heists.

Since Rick and Morty seems …

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Is Steven Hanging Out With a Rose Quartz?

With the sneak peek for Steven Universe Future out, we got another look at more stuff coming with the next series. In it we see Steven showing a new Gem around Little Homeworld. A lot of people think she’s a Rose Quartz, so what would it take for her to be one?

Steven Universe Future …

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Hilda Season One Fireside Chat

A year after Hilda’s release on Netflix, David and Sophia settle in front the fire and lay out their feelings about this animated adaptation of Luke Pearson’s beloved graphic novel series “Hilda”.

The duo break down why the show visually looks so good, what they love about the character Hilda herself, and speculate about the …

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Cartoon Network October 2019 Ratings Report

Another movie topped the network for ratings in October: the Lego Batman Movie. Victor and Valentino was able to do the best among the regularly scheduled premiers, and Teen Titans Go was the irregularly scheduled show with the best ratings.

Each Kid in the Craig of the Creek Intro

Craig of the Creek doesn’t just have a great main cast, it has a great supporting cast too. A lot of those supporting kids are featured in the intro, so now it’s time to take a look at the Craig of the Creek intro and see when each kid or group of kids in it …

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CACTI THEORY: Jasper will Corrupt Organic Life

The Cacti Cluster intrigued David the most out of all the villains in the Steven Universe Future intro. His theory for why this monster exists, how it could come to be, and what motivation its creator would have is… plausible?

Fans have been waiting for so many answers in Steven Universe: why Rose/Pink has power …

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Infinity Train Retrospective: The Grid Car

The Grid Car is the first episode of Infinity Train. As the beginning of a ten-episode miniseries it has a lot of work to do, establishing Tulip as a character and the train as a place. Also, it sets up the primary conflict that Tulip is running away from: her parents’ divorce. Finally, we get …

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