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Because Everyone Loves a Callback: Hilda’s Jorts Incident

As an episodic series, Hilda sends its characters off on different adventures not connected by a tight story arc. That’s not to say that it doesn’t matter what order you watch Hilda’s episodes in—it definitely does.

Take The Jorts Incident for example: it brings back the tide mice from Hilda’s first season to tell another …

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Brigid’s Return: Craig of the Creek’s Children of the Dog

Brigid was one of Craig of the Creek’s one-episode characters for over two years, but The Children of the Dog finally brought her back. No longer a cult leader, Brigid seems to have gone mainstream by becoming the creek version of a televangelist.

It’s not a direction I saw coming, but Brigid remains. Do you …

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Cartoon Network March 2021 Ratings Report

Cartoon Network continued in March as it did in February, giving us weekly premiers of Teen Titans Go, Total Dramarama, Craig of the Creek, and Bakugan: Battle Planet.

The big difference this month was the premier of Elliott From Earth, getting brand new episodes each weekday morning starting at the end of the month.

Infinity Train’s Dark Secret: The Mirror World and Reflection Enforcement

Reflection Enforcement was a villainous presence in Infinity Train for an entire season, but we’ve only ever met two of their enforcers: Mace and Sieve. What they’ve left us with is evidence of a dark conspiracy.

Not only is the Mirror World probably the worst place to live in all of Infinity Train, things are …

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Tiger Millionaire: Steven Universe’s (First) Wrestling Episode

Steven Universe only took nine episodes to give us Tiger Millionaire, its first wrestling episode and quite possibly GC13’s favorite episode of the series. But if GC13 loved Tiger Millionaire before he ever watched wrestling, it’s possible that you too love the episode without appreciating the care that went into making Steven Universe’s first wrestling …

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You Should Watch Kid Cosmic

Kid Cosmic premiered on Netflix on February 2nd, and if you haven’t watched it yet, you should!

What’s that? You wanted a bit more to go on? Well, Kid Cosmic’s visual style is meant to call back to old newspaper comics, and it makes the show look like it’s one of the Kid’s comics put …

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Cartoon Network February 2021 Ratings Report

Well, this is rare: Cartoon Network gave us a stable schedule of weekly episode premiers in February. Teen Titans Go!, Total Dramarama, and Craig of the Creek premiered on Saturday mornings while Bakugan: Battle Planet premiered early on Sunday mornings.

There will be more of the same during March, so it will be great to …

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Anti-Intellectualism in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

This is a video that’s been a year coming. The last time I covered this topic, I had to cut it down to just discussing Entrapta’s lack of ethics, but now I’m able to give a more serious look at the accidental anti-intellectualism that leaked into She-Ra and the Princesses of Power by way of …

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How Glitch Techs Made Me A Better Gamer

For a long time I’ve told myself that I can’t play games requiring quick response times anymore, but watching Glitch Techs made me wonder how true that was. Though it took some time to find the right game, I was eventually successful!

So thank you Glitch Techs: after your inspiration, I am now a better, …

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Cartoon Network January 2021 Ratings Report

Cartoon Network was very sparing with its episode premiers in January 2021, but we did get premiers for four shows: Bakugan: Battle Planet, Craig of the Creek, Teen Titans Go!, and Total Dramrama.

With so few premiers to look at the ratings for, we also have plenty of time to look at how poor the …

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