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Susie the Immortal Teen: Summer Camp Island’s Head Witch and Her Character Growth

It’s hard to tell by looking at her, but Susie is much older than Ramona. But Ramona is the mature one, even able to handle working with Susie with grace! Something about Susie’s immortality keeps her mentally a teenager as well, not just physically.

While a lot of Susie’s negative traits tie in to her …

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Hilda Season 2 Watchtower Chat, Part One

The Lunar Sea Spire crew finally found the second season of Hilda in their watchlist and decided to get together to share their favorite traumatic and troubling moments. Hilda and friends got into plenty of mischief this season, but some of it wasn’t even Hilda’s fault! The crew laughs over death, deranged elves, and DILFs …

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Deltron’s Return: A Surprise End to Craig of the Creek’s Capture the Flag Arc

Nobody expected Deltron to come back to Craig of the Creek. Well, I didn’t, anyway. But I should have. King Xavier, tyrannical ruler of the Other Side, was moving into Craig’s side of the creek, and there’s no way Deltron can let something like that go.

So, when Deltron shows up at the perfect time …

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The Rad-Off: A Joke, or OK KO’s Crowning of a New Rad?

I’m sure that when you watched You Are Rad you thought the idea of a Rad-Off was funny, that it was just OK KO having Rad say something funny. But what if I told you that Rad-Offs were 100% real, and that Radicles won his identity as Rad in one? Get ready for the deepest …

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Summer Camp Island and the Hall of Mooms: The Twist that Didn’t Twist

Summer Camp Island is kind of far down on the plot twist scale as far as cartoons go, but Hall of Mooms really stands out as heavily broadcasting a potential twist and refusing to take it. No matter how many times we try to upset him, the Broom Maker is just unflappableā€”the Fountain of Couth …

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Nom Nom: How the Biggest Jerk in We Bare Bears Grew as a Person

We Bare Bears is a friendly, comfortable show. The bears may have trouble fitting in, but people are generally nice to them. Usually. Most of the time.

Nom Nom though? He’s never nice to anyone. He’s the biggest jerk in We Bare Bears, and even dips his toes in the pool of outright villainy. Still, …

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Kid Cosmic, Earth Force Enforcement Force, and Heroism

Kid Cosmic is a show about heroes. We start off with Kid Cosmic himself, and quickly recruit the Local Heroes. Towards the end of the first season though, we’re introduced to Earth Force Enforcement Force, and at first they seem like they’re everything Kid Cosmic and the Local Heroes aren’t.

Earth Force Enforcement Force has …

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(Some of the) Cartoon Network May 2021 Ratings Report: The Final Report

We might only have numbers for the first two weekends of May, but those ratings still need to be reported. Besides, we have Cartoon Network’s ratings for the rest of 2021 we need to look at for trends. Who topped the ratings for the months we have on record?

It’s sad, but this will be …

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From Kind to a Killer: Sieve’s Journey Through Infinity Train

When we first met Sieve in the first season of Infinity Train he was just a rookie officer in Reflection Enforcement. He shied away from using a sander on the sliver they had been called in to deal with, and he showed kindness to a Prime when he had no need to.

Well, by Infinity …

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Magical and Mundane: How Steven Universe Introduces Its Thesis in Two Episodes

Steven Universe is a show about the mixing of the magical and the mundane (that is to say: the non-magical), and the fascination the magical can have with what we might call ordinary. Rather than spending its first two episodes telling you where in the story we are, Steven Universe instead sets up this central …

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