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Mao Mao and Badgerclops: Legendary Heroes

Mao Mao and Badgerclops have their silly moments. If you look at what they’re capable of, however, you’d see that if they didn’t let themselves become complacent they’d breeze through most foes in the show. Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart just hasn’t thrown anything at our heroes that they couldn’t handle if they just …

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Redeeming the Irredeemable: Infinity Train and Steven Universe

With the release of book three Infinity Train has finally reformed its first villain. It’s a great milestone, but Steven Universe has been reforming villains for a long time. The greatest redemption in all of Steven Universe is undoubtedly the Diamonds, especially Blue and Yellow.

So, let’s compare them to Grace, Infinity Train’s offering. It …

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Cartoon Network September 2020 Ratings Report

Cartoon Network premiered new episodes for five shows in September, as well as the We Bare Bears movie. Ratings were… Not good. The movie got 458k viewers, Total Dramarama got 278k, Ben 10 got 203k, Ninjago got 181k, DC Super Hero Girls got 141k, and Bakugan got 139k.

Here’s to hoping that ratings pick up …

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Phil is the Birthday Ruiner: A Glitch Techs Theory

If Glitch Techs has a birthday ruiner, then surely Ralphie Bear is Back made it clear that it would be Miko, right? We know that she attacked Ralphie on the night of his last performance, after all.

What if I told you that Phil, the leader of our intrepid Glitch Techs, looked mighty suspicious through …

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The We Bare Bears Jean Jacket: Friend or Foe?

We Bare Bears isn’t a show filled with mysteries, but the mystery of the Jean Jacket has endured for essentially the show’s entire run time. Where did this mighty jacket come from? What does it want from us? It only appeared in one episode, Jean Jacket, but it made quite an impact on our three …

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Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me About Glitch Techs?

Glitch Techs has been an amazing series so far. Word of mouth is building for it, and it’s doing quite well for itself on Netflix, but I’m enjoying it so much that I just want to know: why didn’t anyone tell me about Glitch Techs?

If you haven’t watched Glitch Techs, go watch it. If …

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Cartoon Network August 2020 Ratings Report

Six shows premiered episodes in August: Teen Titans Go averaged 443k, Craig of the Creek averaged 312k, DC Super Hero Girls got 296k for its premier, Unikitty’s series finale got 235k (at least the episodes we got numbers for did), Ninjago got 217k, and Bakugan: Battle Planet got 171k.

The Epic Journey of King Atticus: The Best Man in Infinity Train

King Atticus is an epic king and had an epic journey with One-One and Tulip the Literate. The first book of Infinity Train, The Perennial Child, saw us travel through good times and bad, and we should celebrate our triumphant king.

Nobody can deny how instrumental Atticus was to Tulip. Who better to help a …

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Battle of the Normals: Sokka vs Bow vs Connie from Avatar, She-Ra, and Steven Universe

Continuing our earlier discussion, we turn to the Normals of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Steven Universe, and Avatar: The Last Airbender: Bow, Connie, and Sokka.

Will Bow be able to triumph in the name of She-Ra with his ranged attacks and his knack for technology, will Connie’s sword training over a few seasons …

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The Witches of the Creek: Craig of the Creek’s Magical Duo

Whenever magical things happen in Craig of the Creek, it’s a good bet that the Witches aren’t far off. Their first episode, The Curse, really set a high bar for them, but they’ve consistently delivered in their three episodes so far.

So, let’s look at the tale of the Witches, shall we? The Witches of …

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