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Save the Light comes to PC

Yesterday Save the Light finally came to Steam yesterday, as Grumpyface announced earlier.

If  the PC is your platform of choice then it is listed at $25. Just like with the console release, however, there is word of a bit of a bug problem that will hopefully be patched out on PC as it was on …

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Save the Light officially announced for Nintendo Switch

They told us another announcement was coming when they told us about the PC release, and the second announcement has finally come: Save the Light will be coming to the Nintendo Switch—available as a physical release, no less!

Plus, as an added bit of excitement, that physical release will be bundled with the OK KO …

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Harmony #1 is out today

The first of five issues of the new Steven Universe comic miniseries, Harmony, has released today.

We’ve already covered the preview for issue #1 if you’re curious about what to expect from the comic, both in subject matter and art style.

That is to say: while the main comic series focuses only on the cute …

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Save the Light coming to PC

The port is finally finished and Grumpyface has finally given us the news: Save the Light will soon be available on Steam!

Of course there’s another announcement coming up, and since this PC port has been announced it seems very likely that the Switch port accidentally revealed earlier this month will be coming too.

If …

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Preview for Steven Universe: Harmony #1

BOOM! has posted a preview for the first issue of the upcoming Harmony miniseries.

While we don’t dare to hope that they’re included for much (or likely any) more of the comic, we appreciate the inclusion of the characters on the first few pages. 🙂

Check the preview out if you’re curious about what to …

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New comic miniseries announced: Harmony

BOOM! Studios has announced a new miniseries for their Steven Universe comics. Entitled “Harmony”, it will run for five issues starting in August 2018.

The miniseries will take place after Sadie has quit her job at the Big Donut and feature yet another dangerous Homeworld artifact threatening the planet.

If you’re a fan of the …

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Season one DVD is out today

The Region 1 DVD for season one of Steven Universe is out today! It has an MSRP of $20 and has most of season one (though Story For Steven and Shirt Club are left out in favor of Full Disclosure and Joy Ride).

In addition to the fifty-two episodes of ( mostly) season one, there are some special features, …

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Save the Light to reach Europe on PS4 on December 19

Good news for any Europeans who have been eager to play Save the Light: Grumpyface has announced that they are finally ready to enable sale of Save the Light on PS4 in Europe on December 19.

There are still some territories where the game is not yet for sale, but Cartoon Network Games is still …

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Season one DVD set to be released January 30, 2018

Overly Animated has come out with the good news: on January 30 season one of Steven Universe will see a DVD release in the United States with an MSRP of $25.

Oddly enough the episode order has been partially but not completely corrected; Open Book will be in with season one as originally intended, but Full Disclosure …

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Save the Light releases on Xbox One today

The Save the Light train has pulled into Xbox One station. It is now available digitally on the Xbox Store for $25. This is a worldwide release, so wherever you happen to live you’ll be able to enjoy Save the Light on your Xbox One.

Everyone give Grumpyface Studios a big round of applause for …

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