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Season one DVD set to be released January 30, 2018

Overly Animated has come out with the good news: on January 30 season one of Steven Universe will see a DVD release in the United States with an MSRP of $25. Oddly enough the episode order has been partially but not completely corrected; Open Book will be in with season one as originally intended, but Full Disclosure …

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Save the Light releases on Xbox One today

The Save the Light train has pulled into Xbox One station. It is now available digitally on the Xbox Store for $25. This is a worldwide release, so wherever you happen to live you’ll be able to enjoy Save the Light on your Xbox One. Everyone give Grumpyface Studios a big round of applause for …

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Anti-Gravity graphic novel releases today

Anti-Gravity releases today. There is a tantalizing preview available if you’re interested. If you can read the description that accompanies that preview and not immediately wonder if we’re finally going to find out what that orb is on the moon base… Well, you wouldn’t be us, now would you? At 144 pages, it comes in …

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Save the Light releases on Playstation 4 today

If you were eagerly awaiting the new Steven Universe game Save the Light, your wait is over! It is now available digitally on the Playstation Store for $25 in North America and Latin America (though there is no word on when the switch will be flipped for the international release). If you own an Xbox …

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Save the Light release date: Oct 31 for PS4, Nov 3 for XBOX

Yes, that’s right: Cartoon Network has finally announced the release date for Grumpyface’s second Steven Universe game (and first Steven Universe console game): Save the Light. It will come to Playstation 4 on October 31, and will hit XBox One on November 3.

Soundtrack vinyl set available for pre-order

It happened much sooner than we expected: the vinyl edition of the Steven Universe soundtrack has gone up for pre-order on It will cost you $50 to buy, and will have all 37 tracks on four 10″ colored records (with their appearances themed on one each of Steven, Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet). There is …

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Steven Universe: Art and Origins

On July 11 the art book finally came out: 240 pages of concept art, storyboards, and discussions about the creation of the show, all bound inside a beautiful hard cover. It even includes images from Ms. Sugar’s early work, including many stills from her student film Singles. Early concept sketches for the Gems? This book has …

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Soundtrack to see vinyl release

The pre-San Diego Comic Con article by Newsweek has a lot of interesting tidbits in it (Bismuth and Jasper forever!), but there’s one big takeaway: the soundtrack is coming to vinyl! 3,000 vinyl singles with Stronger Than You and Love Like You will be available to SDCC attenders and online, but the entire soundtrack will …

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Soundtrack volume one released

The soundtrack went live on various music services at midnight. You can buy it on iTunes or Google Play for $10, or stream it on Spotify or Apple Music. Unfortunately this does mean that almost everything Steven Universe-released on Aivi and Surasshu’s Soundcloud account had to be removed. Still, Cartoon Network allowed them to leave …

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Track list for volume one of the official soundtrack

There was an event yesterday where Aivi and Surasshu revealed the track list for volume one of the soundtrack. You can see a recording of it here if you’d like, and enjoy the demos and the nifty anecdotes about the songs. Pre-orders are open today, and the soundtrack will release on June 2. As of …

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