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Preview for Lion 4: Alternate Ending

Are you excited for the new Steven Bomb starting on May 8? Have you resisted the urge to watch Lion 4: Alternate Ending? Then you’re in luck! Cartoon Network has posted a preview for it. Enjoy!

Preview for The New Crystal Gems

They got it to us late, but they still got it to us: here’s the official preview for The New Crystal Gems.

Preview for Adventures in Light Distortion

Cartoon Network has put up a clip from Adventures in Light Distortion, presumably as a preview. If you want to whet your appetite for Monday it’s not too spoiler-heavy (well, except for the title!), but you have been warned! Continue Reading to see the preview… If you dare!

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Preview for Steven’s Dream

Have you dutifully avoided all spoilers, but still want to watch the preview for the start of the next Steven Bomb? Cartoon Network has you covered! They’ve posted a preview for Steven’s Dream to their YouTube channel for your enjoyment, perfectly designed to pique your interest without spoiling the episode.

Preview for Three Gems and a Baby

Better late than never: Cartoon Network has posted a preview for Three Gems and a Baby on YouTube. Looking good! Don’t forget to watch the episode tonight at 7:30 PM EST.

An early preview for Gem Harvest

Cartoon Network has given us an early preview for Gem Harvest. There’s still no air date for it, but at least we can finally resolve the betting pool for its subject. Who had pumpkins?

It was set to Unlisted briefly (though still accessible with the link) but now you can see it on their Videos list …

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Preview for Onion Gang

Do you have a hunger for power that cannot be satisfied? Join the gang.

Preview for Last One Out of Beach City

A rock show? How very sophisticated!

Preview for Future Boy Zoltron

We have seen the future, and we know that we want to see this episode! (On Thursday, September 1 at 7:00 PM. We have foreseen it!)

Preview for Mindful Education

The preview for Mindful Education has been posted. Make sure to watch the episode when it premiers tomorrow at 7:00 PM EDT!

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