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Preview for Last One Out of Beach City

A rock show? How very sophisticated!

Preview for Future Boy Zoltron

We have seen the future, and we know that we want to see this episode! (On Thursday, September 1 at 7:00 PM. We have foreseen it!)

Preview for Mindful Education

The preview for Mindful Education has been posted. Make sure to watch the episode when it premiers tomorrow at 7:00 PM EDT!

Previews for August 11 and 12

Alright, yesterday we got the previews for the last episodes of the season that will be airing this week. Now, it’s time to see the previews for the first two episodes of season four.

Mondo spoilers ahead, but here are the official previews:

Kindergarten Kid: Corrupted Gems Know Your Fusion: Who Beat Jasper?

Previews for August 8-10

Cartoon Network has released some spoilertastic previews for the rest of season three, which will be airing on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Even the titles are fairly spoilery, so be warned!

Beta: Training Break Earthlings: Jasper Appears Back to the Moon: The Rubies Return Bubbled

Preview: Beach Day Fun

Having trouble waiting for Crack the Whip to air? Fear not: Cartoon Network has posted another preview from it for your enjoyment:

Previews for August 1-5

We saw the preview for the whole week, but now we have individual previews for each episode. Oh boy… Do be warned that these official previews spoil a bit of plot resolution, but it should be just enough to get you hyped for the week’s episodes if you don’t mind that sort of thing.

Gem …

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A video preview of August 1-5

Cartoon Network has published a video with some clips from next week’s new episodes. It should go without saying that if you’ve been avoiding spoilers you should stay away, but if you want to see something, you definitely will!

Previews for July 25-29

MC Bear-Bear wasn’t the only preview Cartoon Network put out for this week. Yesterday they posted a bonanza of them. Please refer to any of these next time you need fuel to get you through that long, long day before a new episode airs:

Restaurant Wars: Off Menu Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service: Pizza Dream Alone …

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Preview: MC Bear-Bear

Cartoon Network isn’t saying which one this is a preview for, but we’re pretty sure we know which one it’s for. 🙂 The CN Anything app has a much more revealing preview for the episode, but this one just implies the plot: