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Previews for July 18-22

Cartoon Network really let us have it earlier today, dropping previews for every episode that will be airing this week. Enjoy the previews!

Steven Floats: Finally Home Drop Beat Dad: Roadie Steven Mr. Greg: Don’t Cost Nothin’ Too Short to Ride: Peridot’s Tablet The New Lars: Koala vs Sloth Beach City Drift: The Dondai Supremo

Preview: The Bazzzillionaire

Here’s the other preview that was posted for EW’s article about the Summer Adventures mega-bomb. This one is from Mr. Greg (or we aren’t the Lunar Sea Spire). It’s nice to have a preview with a thumbnail we can actually show!


Preview: Everything’s Changing

If you haven’t seen this (how?), then take a look. Unless you don’t like spoilers, in which case you should stay far, far away. This clip probably pegs your Wow-O-Meter at whatever its highest reading is, which is why it’s hidden safely under the Read the Rest of This Entry button.

More previews are out, …

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Preview for Hit the Diamond

If you don’t know what to expect for Hit the Diamond then wonder no more: Cartoon Network has released a preview for your curiosity-quenching needs.

Preview for Same Old World

If you haven’t seen it already, Cartoon Network posted a clip from next week’s episode: Same Old World. Do check it out if you’re interested in what’s coming, but haven’t heard yet.

They’ve also posted a new clip, so enjoy:

What to expect from Super Watermelon Island and Gem Drill

Well, we can’t really make predictions about Super Watermelon Island because we know pretty much exactly what’s going to happen (the spoilers have gotten even thicker since then, if you can believe it). So basically, we’ve been out-Ronaldoed by Cartoon Network this time around.

For one episode, anyway. We still have Gem Drill to wonder about. We’ve seen …

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Preview for The Answer

Ah, it feels good to be posting a preview again. Who’s ready for #StevenBomb4?

What to expect from Too Far

Well it’s a lot harder to make a prediction about the episode than normal, but not for any lack of information. Since Too Far was aired at New York Comic Con before a large crowd of people, anyone who can’t resist spoilers knows exactly what’s in the episode. If you’ve vigorously kept yourself away from spoilers so far …

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Preview for Too Far

It helps to have a preview, doesn’t it? Who’s ready to see the drill that will pierce the mantle?


What to expect from Back to the Barn

The Peridot train just keeps on rolling! Not only will she be getting plenty more time with Steven, it looks like Pearl is going to be getting involved too. Given what we’ve seen (and how quickly we learned about the Cluster) this will probably be more of a character episode than a lore episode—though with …

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