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New episode: Keep Beach City Weird! will air on October 30, 2014

Steven Universe will have a new episode airing next Thursday at 6:45 EST.

Keep Beach City Weird!
Steven gets caught up in Ronaldo’s paranormal theories about the strange occurrences in Beach City.

Dish Network loses Cartoon Network

As a result of a contract dispute with Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon Network and six other channels are no longer available to customers of Dish Network.

Though hopefully this will be resolved quickly, it could possibly be months before Dish customers are able to watch Cartoon Network – and new episodes of Steven Universe – again.

It’s …

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Steven Universe air times for October 20 – 26, 2014

All times are EST.

6:45 PM: Space Race

2:00 PM: An Indirect Kiss
2:15 PM: So Many Birthdays
2:30 PM: Tiger Millionaire
2:45 PM: Beach Party
3:00 PM: Lars and the Cool Kids
3:15 PM: Secret Team
6:45 PM: Mirror Gem

6:45 PM: …

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New episode: Island Adventure will air on October 23, 2014

Next week we’ll get to see another Steven Universe episode, Island Adventure, at the usual time: 6:45 PM EST.

Because of all the hubbub with Comic Com, we’ve actually gotten an episode preview for it early, so be sure to check that out if you missed it. Other than that, here’s the summary as always:

Island …

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Steven Universe air times for October 13-19, 2014

All times are EST.

8:45 AM: An Indirect Kiss
10:15 AM: Mirror Gem
11:00 AM: Ocean Gem
2:00 PM: House Guest
3:45 PM: Space Race
6:45 PM: Steven and the Stevens

2:00 PM: Laser Light Cannon
2:15 PM: Lion 2: The Movie
2:30 PM: …

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New episode: Secret Team will air on October 16, 2014

Next week Steven Universe will air another brand new episode at 6:45 PM EST: Secret Team.

Secret Team
Steven, Amethyst and Pearl accidentally pop a bubbled gem and form a Secret Team to secretly retrieve the missing shards.

Steven Universe air times for October 6-12, 2014

All times are EST and PM.

Monday, 6:45: Mirror Gem

2:00: Together Breakfast
2:15: Frybo
2:30: Giant Woman
2:45: Rose’s Room
3:00: Coach Steven
3:15: An Indirect Kiss
6:45: Steven and the Stevens

Wednesday, 6:45: Monster Buddies

Thursday, 6:45: Space Race

Friday, 6:45: Ocean Gem

Sunday, 6:45: …

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New episode: Space Race will air on October 9, 2014

The schedule change does seem to be permanent, with Steven Universe now having just the 6:45 PM EST time slot to make room for more shows in the block.

Space Race
Steven attempts to build a spaceship to let Pearl revisit the wonders of the cosmos.

Get hyped.

Steven Universe air times for September 29 – October 5, 2014

All times are EST and PM.

Monday, 6:45: Beach Party

2:00: Gem Glow
2:15: Arcade Mania
2:30: Lars and the Cool Kids
2:45: Steven and the Stevens
3:00: Mirror Gem
3:15: Ocean Gem
6:45: Rose’s Room

Wednesday, 6:45: Onion Trade

Thursday, 6:45: House Guest

Friday, 6:45: An Indirect …

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New episode: House Guest will air next week

Steven Universe will continue coming back strong from its long hiatus by airing House Guest on Thursday, Oct 2, 2014. It will air at 6:45 PM EST rather than the usual 6:30, in what looks to be a permanent schedule change.

House Guest
After injuring his leg, Greg comes to live with Steven and unintentionally …

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