A sad day: Most of the soundtrack is to be removed from the Soundcloud account

Yesterday Aivi broke the news: when the soundtrack goes up for sale, we’ll be losing most of the Steven Universe tracks from Aivi and Surasshu’s Soundcloud account. This unfortunately includes the large majority of the instrumental tracks though they are still not for sale.

Despite that, have heart! What is being released was labeled as volume one and contained almost every vocal song that has ever appeared on the show; surely there must be a volume two being dreamed up, or perhaps even being worked on already.

Either way, this probably means the end of Music postings here. At the very least, it will turn most of the existing Music postings into dead links.

We’ll be getting one last hurrah though: on June 2 as the soundtrack releases and the songs go down, Cartoon Network has permitted one last thing to go up. What could it be?


  1. This is bullcrap. and we’re not even getting a physical copy by the looks of it.

      • David on June 1, 2017 at 10:28 pm

      A “Vol 2” could not hold all the BGM from the SoundCloud anyway. Either a few more soundtracks would be needed, or we’re just going missing out. I hope CN does SU justice (for aivi & surasshu’s sake, too).

      • gc13 on June 2, 2017 at 12:10 am

      Well they did tease the possibility of a physical release during the track list reveal. If I’m being brutally honest with myself though, I’d be really surprised to see a physical soundtrack release before a complete season set.

      (Still, we have got DVDs, so a physical soundtrack wouldn’t be completely out of left field.)

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