Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 137: Steven vs Amethyst

GC13 and Sophia are here to talk about Steven vs Amethyst. Yes, the episode turned out to be far more innocuous than the title sounded back when we first learned about it, but Amethyst was still being hit with the feels.

This episode is a top contender on some favorite lists, and with moments like the realization of Amethyst’s reformation or the first mention of the Pearl Prize Pouch (!) there’s a lot to love.

Never mind the titular fight between Steven and Amethyst. Steven is one tough boy, but Amethyst is a natural fighter and is no slouch. Even if they were fighting for the title of Worst Crystal Gem, it’s not something either of them really deserve. (Neither of them has ever tried to kill their leader, for instance.) Besides, they’re both great at being bad. 🙂