Steven Universe air times for May 1-7, 2017

All times are EDT.

Tuesday:¬†Steven’s the Best Part One
1:30 PM: Gem Glow
1:45 PM: Together Breakfast
2:00 PM: Serious Steven
2:15 PM: Ocean Gem

Wednesday: Steven’s the Best Part Two
1:30 PM: Nightmare Hospital
1:45 PM: Watermelon Steven
2:00 PM: Super Watermelon Island
2:15 PM: Gem Drill

Thursday: Mr. Universe Part One
1:30 PM: Ocean Gem
1:45 PM: House Guest
2:00 PM: Space Race
2:15 PM: Maximum Capacity

Friday: Mr. Universe Part Two
1:30 PM: Story for Steven
1:45 PM: We Need to Talk
2:00 PM: Keystone Motel
2:15 PM: Steven’s Birthday

2:00 PM: Storm in the Room
2:15 PM: Rocknaldo
2:30 PM: Tiger Philanthropist
2:45 PM: Room for Ruby

2:00 PM: Beta
2:15 PM: Earthlings
2:30 PM: Back to the Moon
2:45 PM: Bubbled