Looking back at The Answer

With a lot of distance between us and the last Steven Bomb, and apparently a lot of distance between us and the next one, we thought now was a great time to take a look back at the most recent bomb’s episodes. First up is The Answer, an excellent history lesson that said and showed a lot.

We know that Garnet is made of love (and she won’t let you hurt her planet or her friends), but now we finally know the story behind one of Rose’s entourage members. It’s been said a lot that Garnet’s lecture to Jamie about love taking work doesn’t make much sense in light of Ruby’s and Sapphire’s lightning-quick romance, but you have to realize that Ruby and Sapphire went through a lot together in that brief moment of time, turning their backs on everything they had ever known (it must have been quite a shock to their system). That sounds like work to us.

As we observed though, The Answer makes it pretty clear that the Gem homeworld isn’t a kind, forgiving place if you’re the least bit different. We really got a clear picture of what Garnet means when, in the extended theme, she said she will fight for the place where she is free to live together and exist as herself rather than two separate Gems.

rubysapphirefrogEarth is a much better place for Garnet to be anyway. It has butterflies (and even better: frogs!), and apparently when Sapphire becomes frozen with indecision it’s great for her to have Ruby to melt away her concerns. (More seriously, that’s the best explanation for them starting the fire: to keep Sapphire from freezing up again, since based on this and Keystone Motel she seems to draw heat out of the surrounding air when under stress.)

Plus we can’t forget that it’s the episode that showed us our first Diamond and our first other Pearl (though of course Message Received one-upped it by showing them live rather than in a flashback). We have no way of knowing why a Diamond would be on Earth (maybe they move court from site to site, maybe she wanted to handle the rebels in person, maybe it was a favor to the local tourism board), but the Earth has some secrets yet…

If The Answer had come when episodes were being aired weekly, with more time between it and that dynamic duo It Could’ve Been Great and Message Received, it would have been a huge delivery for lore hounds. As it is though, it got overshadowed big time.

What we got wasn’t by any measure bad, however. It may be a disappointment to see the Crystal Gems as a rebellion of two Gems (two very powerful Gems, mind you, but no army yet), but it’s definitely a good way to whet your appetite for more flashbacks from later in the rebellion. Strawberry battlefield, anyone? Dare we hope for the day the Kindergarten fell?


    • Something Witty on March 2, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    I still say Rose’s army was comprised of holo-Pearls.

  1. I would love to see a flashback battle at the ‘prototype’ kindergarten, I think that would be cool.

    • SUfan on March 3, 2016 at 12:14 am

    Yes this is all very interesting. Though we don’t know exactly how much time passed during “Something entirely new” When they were singing but who knows. It makes sense after all, Rose Quartz had to convince people of her cause, being one of what may be a unit of Rose Quartz type Gems, she had to build her rebellion from the ground up from being an ordinary soldier to a great leader.

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