Looking back at Log Date 7 15 2

peridotthumbsupA slice of life episode to help us unwind after some hard-hitting plot episodes? Wow, thanks! (That’s how humans express gratitude, right?) Log Date 7 15 2 came right when we needed it, and it was definitely a great way to end the bomb.

Every bit of character development Peridot had that needed to be shown but couldn’t be without depriving Message Received of its tension was stuffed into this episode to glorious effect:

  • Innocent curiosity
  • Delighting in new-found freedom
  • Media bingeing
  • Lioning the mood
  • Most shocking of all: attempting fusion

The part with Camp Pining Hearts was just excellent: not only is the show’s very concept funny without trying too hard to be wacky (a TV show about an unrepentantly Canadian summer camp—priceless), but the way Peridot predictably gets sucked into it after decrying it as worthless was good as well. The way she couldn’t help but analyze the show told us a bit about her (she can join Ronaldo as one of our spirit animals), and she gifted the fanbase a new catchphrase: It’s subtext.

Speaking of subtext, the subtext of fusion was dangerously close to becoming just text during the talk and fusion attempt Garnet and Peridot had.

Of course no recap of Log Date 7 15 2 can be complete without mentioning Opal’s appearance. We mentioned Amethyst and Pearl dancing in Steven’s Birthday, then they fused so easily here. Can we get more Opal in the second half of season two? As always, we hopal so.