Summer Camp Island’s Primordial Villains: The Striped Horse and Bearded Sheep in Season 5

Summer Camp Island used to be a series short on villains, but with season 5 we’ve finally met the Striped Horse and Bearded Sheep properly (after briefly seeing them back in The Soundhouse in season one). They’re… Not very nice people. Yes, Summer Camp Island is definitely nicer than the average show, but come on. “All shall be wrong in the world!”? That’s villain talk.

But what did the Striped Horse and Bearded Sheep come to Summer Camp Island to do in the first place? Well, it looks like they were just there to eat jelly, but when you look at what became of the jelly they were after, you start to think that there was more to it than that. Summer Camp Island isn’t giving up all of its mysteries in just season 5, but we can make some guesses about who these guys are.