Things They Never Tell You in Wizard City: Adventure Time Distant Lands Keeps Its Mysteries

Wizard City was never meant to be the final episode of Adventure Time: Distant Lands, but the vagaries of production have demanded it be so. So, with the miniseries over, we have nothing but time to ponder the mysteries Adventure Time: Distant Lands has given us, and Wizard City has given us more than its fair share.

Wizard City may have a cult worshipping Coconteppi, but why the veneration of Peppermint Butler? And what beef does Wizard City have with Peppermint Butler in the first place? Heck, why would Adventure Time: Distant Lands choose to mention the second Age of Terror again in Wizard City without elaborating on it?

Maybe we’ll get answers some day, but it won’t be in Wizard City, and it won’t be in Adventure Time: Distant Lands.