Answer: Pink’s ship is a pair of legs

After Lion 4: Alternate Ending aired we wondered whether the ship at Rose’s desert trash dump, the ship that was most certainly Pink Diamond’s ship, was an arm or a pair of legs. Well, now that Legs From Here to Homeworld has aired we have our answer: Pink Diamond had a leg ship.

However it isn’t as small as the scaling at the time had led us to believe; when Reunited aired the scaling of the Diamonds relative to Blue’s ship and to Lion made it obvious that the ship was a pair of legs. We feel vindicated, however, because everyone in Beach City seems to agree with us that a pair of legs flying around does look silly.

We even learned a bit about the ships in the process. They seem to be totally uncrewed, and due to how they are controlled when Blue raised her arm to summon her ship in Steven’s Dream she was probably actually controlling it rather than just sending a signal to it.

Of course Pink’s ship wasn’t the only Diamond ship revealed during Legs From Here to Homeworld. Back when The Trial aired we got to see a large white body towering over Homeworld; after getting a much better look at it it appears that that wasn’t White Diamond herself, but was actually her ship.

It’s also not just a head, it’s an entire upper body. That makes it seem like it’s set up for a fan theory that’s been popular ever since Blue and Yellow, the two on the middle section of the original Diamond Authority symbol, had arm ships: the merging of the four Diamond ships into one body ship. As Steven Universe does love to reference anime, don’t be surprised if the Diamond Authority has to form Voltron before the series concludes.

So the series has revealed the answer to another mystery to us. What answers will we get next?