Lunar Sea Spire podcast episode 118: Christmas wishes for Steven Universe

In the spirit of the season, GC13 writes out his Christmas wish list for the series. This list has everything: new seasons, lore, character development. And who’s that? Tiger Millionaire? You better believe he’s on the wishlist too!

We must always hopal for more Opal, but there are plenty of characters who have disappeared that it would be great to see back. (Bonus points if the character in question is Mystery Girl, who is also important to Pearl’s character development.)

Of course what the fandom must want most (how could they want anything more?) would be more Camp Pining Hearts. The show has been a fan favorite ever sinceĀ Log Date 7 15 2 showed it to us. Mayor Dewey probably loves Camp Pining Hearts, so that means you should probably love it too!